FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 – The Game to Buy This Year

FIFA 20 vs PES 2020

It is not the first time gaming is experiencing a rivalry in titles, as we have witnessed grueling battles in the past. Market dominance is all there is, and every brand is fighting to rule the gaming space. For football lovers, FIFA from EA has been the biggest name for some time, outselling PES 2019 by a whopping margin.

It served as a wakeup call to Konami, the maker of PES, who has gone all out to acquire the rights to Manchester United, Juventus, and the EURO 2020. They also hired Andres Iniesta, a former Barcelona player to work as a consultant for making the necessary improvements on gameplay and ball physics.

FIFA, on the other hand, did make several additions to their gaming platform, most notably, adding Volta football to their ranks. It promises to be an extremely smooth gaming experience for football fans, as two of the biggest gaming companies go head to head this 2020.

We will be looking closely at the prospects of each game going into the year, and our focus will be on the key gaming aspects that fans will be looking for.


The FIFA 19 was regarded as one of the worst ever games in the series, receiving an embarrassing 1.4/5 rating on Xbox. Improvements were a must, and FIFA 2020 had to do all it took to deliver on its gameplay. It is adequate to say that so far it has delivered on its promise.

To balance between the attack and defence has been restored thanks to long shots, more difficult skill moves, and improved AI defending on the overall game experience.

The career mode has been revamped in the 2020 edition, with manager customization and interactivity with your players taking you closer to the action unlike in the previous editions. Dynamic potentials of different players ensure that every career mode is unique, and can allow you to grow an unknown talent into a world beater.

Generally, there are a few necessary tweaks into the FIFA 20 Career Mode, but there could be nothing revolutionary about it.

PES 2020

One month into the year, the PES 2020 is already earning all the plaudits as the best on the series, with regard to gameplay and presentation. What Konami has done is that he has given it a more arcade-like feel, which makes it more different from EA’s FIFA game.

However, the midfield seems a little bit dormant in the manner at which play transitions from the defence to attack. From a footballing point of view, it doesn’t reflect a real football scene, but rather, a creation of a game.

But here’s the cut. Finding the final ball has been made rather difficult, and it takes a lot of familiarizing with the game to be at your best. Typically, you will not a lot of luck seeking chipped balls or overlaps through the middle, but through the flanks.

In terms of gameplay, defenders are easily caught out standing still during attack, hence conceding cheap goals.

What can be said of the PES 2020 is that the setup is way better than the EA’s version given the storyline behind it, and the increased sense of personality in managing clubs for managers.


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