FIFA 20: Finally a Fully New Football Experience


At last, Fifa got back its flair with FIFA 20, a football game that feels very new thanks to a host of updates that not only smoothen or tweak the gaming experience, but also throw in new ways of playing. Similar to real football, this flair comes with its unique risks – you might fail, look silly or overreach. The game manages to do all those things at points, but sometimes they can happen all at once.

It’s such a thrill to see Fifa developers try something new, and when their risks pay off, the results are spectacularly exciting. That highly preferable compared to being safe and iterative that the users can overlook most strange changes in their new release. The Volta mode is, of course, the most spectacular new change, bringing back the freestyle play associated with Fifa Street.

The Volta mode sees the play head from the pitch into 5-a-side pitches, parking lots and other makeshift locations made with international standards. Most users are likely to start with the Volta, as it does an amazing job at encouraging you to fire it up. EA Sports has given the Volta a new, glaringly bright design, luring you in with a blazing neon sign.

As players continue waiting for the game to be featured on the

offering, you can try the Volta’s unique story mode. The feature puts both men and women together on the pitch for the first time in the history of Fifa. That serves as a way to push you towards unlocking new outfits for your players and new locations. However, there are some problems with the Volta just as with anything this new.
The game-play could do with some more tweaking to create room for the claustrophobic pitches and tiny teams while focusing on tricks and control. The small pitches largely focus on the lack of precision that the previous Fifa releases may have lacked, though that hasn’t been fully fixed in the new game. However, the most frustrating decision of all is to have the Voltas mode focus on knock-out tournaments that one must win to go to the next game.

With the knock-out tournaments, it means you’ll have to go back to the beginning of the chapter if you lose a match in the final. As a result, you’ll have to play all the way through again. Nonetheless, those issues aren’t enough to ruin this mode, though they can remove some level of excitement and fray your patience.

Ultimately, there are several things that Fifa 20 had to do, including bringing the excitement, sheen and reliability of their old game to the new. As such, the game is a clear success in those measures. The new game also suggests that EA Sports now understand that endless roster updates and fresh new ways to encourage more sales don’t really make for an encouraging update. Instead, they’re choosing to create something new.

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