FIFA 20 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


FIFA 20 frequently asked questions are answered here. If you have any questions that are not listed here, use the below form to ask us, we will be answering your questions on FIFA 20 as soon as possible.

When FIFA 20 will be released?

FIFA 20 will be released on 27 September 2019. For more information on the release date and early access to play the game first, check out the FIFA 20 release date and FIFA 20 early access pages.

On which platforms is FIFA 20 available?

FIFA 20 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Windows) and Nintendo Switch.

Is FIFA 20 available on Playstation 3 and Xbox?

No, FIFA 20 is not available on PS3 and old Xbox platforms.

How much is the price of FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 price range is from $59.99 to $99.00, depending on the game editions. Check out the FIFA 20 price list for more details.

Can I get a copy of FIFA 20 for free?

The full version of FIFA 20 is not free, however the FIFA 20 demo version is available for free download. There might be some free giveaway copy of FIFA 20 after the release. You can follow us on our social channels to stand a chance to win a free copy of FIFA 20 if there is any offer:

How can I pre-order or buy FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 pre-order and buy is available as digital download and physical disc. Go to the FIFA 20 Pre-order page to see the details.

What are the benefits of pre-ordering FIFA 20?

There are major benefits from pre-ordering FIFA 20, 1) You will get extra in-game content such as FUT packs by per-ordering the game. 2) You will have early access to play FIFA 20 in advance. To see more details on pre-ordering benefits, go to our FIFA 20 buy page.

How to get discount on FIFA 20?

There might be some discounts when buying FIFA 20 from our Amazon store. As a loyalty offer, you can also get a 10% discount on FIFA 20 when buying it digitally from your FIFA 19 home screen, for more details, check out our FIFA 20 online order page.

I got a download code for FIFA 20, how can I redeem it?

You are able to redeem your FIFA 20 voucher code online or on your console/pc. Read the FIFA 20 code redeeming guide for more information.

What are new to FIFA 20?

The major feature of FIFA 20 is the street soccer mode called, Volta Football. Other than the Volta, there are some more features to the game which you can find out here.

What are the games modes in FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 has all the game mode available in FIFA 19 except the Journey mode, but it features a brand-new street football mode
called the Volta. You can see the available game modes in FIFA 20 here.

Can I transfer my FIFA 19 Ultimate Team coins and cards to FIFA 20?

Your FUT 19 coins and players are not transferable to FUT 20. For more details on how to transfer and carry over your FIFA 19 items to FIFA 20, read our FIFA 20 Carry Over Instructions.

Can I buy FIFA coins for my FUT club?

Buying and selling FIFA coins are considered illegal. By doing so you will put your account at the risk of getting banned by EA Sports.

Will be there any new league in FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 is expected to have at least a new league added to the game. We will update the list of FIFA 20 leagues once the licensed league list is confirmed.

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  1. I need some advice from you guys. My account got hacked by someone and he sold every player a had and now i don’t have any of them. Is there something, that I can do, to get the players back, except of reseting my password (which I already did) etc? I take any advice, Thank you.

  2. Hi guys,

    I have a problem and I wonder if someone else have it and how can I fix it.
    Whenever I play in tournament mode with AI, the AI wins all the matches in the tournament.
    For example if I start a tournament in Bundesliga and I choose to plat with BVB, Bayern Munich will win all of their games having an undefeated season.
    How can I fix this ?

  3. Hello to the experts,
    Is there an option to join a game for remote?
    E.g. my friends are playing 2×2 in their house, and I want to join the 2×2 remotely from my house. So there will be 3 players at the same location, and I would like to join them from my home.
    Is there a possibilty for this?
    If not, could you implement it?


  4. hello, i cant get in my fifa 20 user on pc, its say that i dont have any team, but i have and i play, i just cant get in my user on pc on web app. what do i need too do?

  5. Favorite the opponent !

    Why my opponent Defence is better then mine, and why all the time the opponent players are wining the ball when I even almost take it from there.

    Their strikers run towards me and pass me with no problem, but my strikers are slower.

    This is not only one game but manny games.

  6. At whom it may concern,
    I’ve got few issues while Im playing on Divisions Rivals on Ultimate Team. Basically, it’s blocking continuosly and it’s slowing down my matches. It’s not the internet connection. I’m quite sure about this because I’ve played with Fifa 19 and it’ is perfectly working, even on the other games. To be honest that’s one of the most important things on Fifa and it’s a very disappointed thing. I hope there is something that we can do for fix it. However, I bought the game on playstion store.
    I look forward to hear back from you.
    Best Regards,
    M. Ahshan

  7. I play fifa20 on PC. I just dont have a commentary in game, I cant choose languages for commentary in settings. Can anyone help plz.

    1. I play fifa20 on PC. I just dont have a commentary in game and button sounds. I can hear crowds sound and music, I cant choose languages for commentary in settings. Please help me . Because of this, my enjoy is reduced. I choose game setting english us

  8. If I pre order from game do I get it on disc or download because it’s let me download the packs and special kits but fifa 20 wasn’t there????

  9. Hey mate, I preordered fifa 20 more than a month ago but i cant find it anywhere on my console “ps4” .. any help plz?

  10. Hi

    I purchased early release of Fifa 20 Ultimate edition and haven’t received my 2 x Rare player packs ?

    When will I get them please ? or how do I get them ?

  11. Hey, so i have fifa 11 on my nintendo ds and i want to play with my buddy how has fifa 20. Why can i not do that. we can’t play together. This makes my really sad and angry please fix this. also when do you update fifa 09 on wii. I want more new players.
    THank you

  12. Jude Bellingham isn’t in the game!? When will he be added / database updated next? Jude scored last Saturday for Birmingham City and started. He came off the bench the game before to score too. Plus he just won player of the tournament playing for England U17 (he’s also captain).

  13. RAM: 8GB
    Graphic Card: AMD 530
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 7500U @2.70(4CPUs) – 2.9GHz
    DirectX 12
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

    Can I run fifa 20 on it?

  14. Hi,i never pre ordered a fifa game before my interest is it possible to pre order and download the full game in advanced and play it when its officially launched or i have to wait until 27th September 2019 when it will be launched that when i can download the full game

  15. abría alguna posibilidad que el escudo de la federación colombiana de fútbol aparezca en la selección Colombia junto a sus uniformes ??

  16. Is EA doing anything for us NON FUT Players? Like making Career more fun with some new stuff, or should I say “old stuff” that they had in older FIFA games? Or is it still gonna be the same game for us? Oh, and BTW; do they keep GTN in the game or can we actually see all players stats or do we have to scout and wait 14 ingame days to see that de Ligt is 88 OVR?

    1. EA will announce the new feature of Career mode within next two weeks. We hope to see a revamp of this mode as it is the second popular mode in FIFA. We will cover the latest updates on

    1. We are not sure yet. More news on FIFA 20 is expected to come out soon, we hope to see more national teams in the game including your favourite national team.

    1. Agree. PS3 is considered an old generation console and it cannot handle the graphics quality of FIFA 20 game.

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