FIFA 20: 7 Secret Tips for Becoming a Better Player

FIFA 20 Secrets

Even if you’re a lifelong FIFA fanatic, chances are the latest iteration of the franchise has left you feeling a little bit off your game. While the new style of play has won plenty of praise in some corners, many within the community have voiced criticism towards FIFA 20’s hyper-realistic gameplay, which makes it more difficult to climb to the top.

It is certainly more challenging to succeed in this game than in any other, and there is no denying that additional finesse and mental agility are needed to win matches both online and offline. If you’re struggling to excel at FIFA 20, read on to find out the straightforward tips needed to become a better player.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The most challenging aspect of the game these days is to get those free-kicks correct. The dynamics are much more complex than in previous games, meaning you’ll have to master them in order to get ahead. Make sure to head to the Skills Games section on your main menu and spend some time improving your curves and dips in the Free Kick training levels.

2. Try New Forms of Passing

One standout new feature in FIFA 20 is that there are more forms of passing available than previously. If you can learn to master these, you’ll be at a distinct advantage against other players. Players can now use different control functions to double-tap a pass, through ball a pass, and perform a looping pass when you’re in a tough situation.

3. Master How Odds Work

If you’re shopping for FIFA Online packs to boost your squad, an understanding of odds is vital. The odds on your packs will tell you the likelihood of getting star players when you buy, so make sure you know the score. Take some time to do your research and don’t necessarily just stick to football odds: by stretching beyond your comfort zone in the betting markets, you could really cement your knowledge.

For example, when you’re on a bookmaker’s website, you could take a look at the Irish horse racing odds and betting or maybe Russian volleyball. This crash-course of how odds and probabilities work could help you choose your packs wisely.

4. Try Different Formations

FIFA 20 allows you to try out a greater range of formations than any other game before it. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get on the right footing by experimenting with formations that compliment your style of gameplay. You can stick with the more standard 4-4-2 formations before launching a match, or you can play around and see what works for you.

5. Possession is Everything

One of the major new dynamics that players have noticed in FIFA 20 is the emphasis on keeping hold of the ball. Attempting too many passes and through balls is much riskier than it used to be, owing to the more realistic gameplay dynamics. You’re much more likely to be rewarded with a victory if you can keep your possession stats up as high as possible in this one.

6. Use Your Goalie

The goalie also comes equipped with much greater levels of functionality in FIFA 20. A little-noticed change is that you can now make your goalie come out of the box and claim a cross. If you hold down Y (or the triangle button), your goalie will run out and punch or header an incoming cross out of the danger zone.

7. Customize

Finally, remember that the custom tactics available on FIFA 20 are considerably more wide-ranging than before. You can adjust every attribute of your team’s strategy in minute detail, which can have a major impact on the pitch. You can make your team ultra-offensive or ultra-defensive, as well as toggling how many players rush into the box for a cross, and countless other features. The slightest tweak could be the difference between victory and defeat.

With these simple FIFA 20 tips, you’ll be a better player in no-time. Remember to be patient and to build your strategy up gradually if you want to succeed.


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