FIFA 16 Leagues Survey Report – Sep 15 (Final)

FIFA 16 Leagues

The final result of FIFPlay’s FIFA 16 survey on country leagues – September 15, 2015.

2,827,218 votes submitted by FIFA fans for 64 countries.
The countries Brazil, Ukraine and Israel are in the Top 3 list.

FIFA 16 doesn’t have any new league added to the game, but 16 Brazilian clubs playing the first division of Brazil league have been add to the game’s Rest of the World menu.

FIFA 16 Leagues Survey Results – Sep 15, 2015

Pos.NameVote %No. of Votes
01Brazilian League6%163,027
02Ukrainian League6%161,945
03Israeli League5%153,587
04Chinese League5%151,336
05German 3rd League5%143,899
06Thai League5%128,297
07Turkish PTT League5%127,464
08Egyptian League4%125,229
09Hungarian League4%122,888
10Iranian League4%121,836
11Indian League4%109,863
12Malaysian League4%100,050
13Greek League3%77,932
14Japanese League3%74,488
15Czech League2%68,737
16UAE Leagues2%60,761
17Uruguayan League2%59,849
18Indonesian League2%55,859
19Azerbaijan League2%55,692
20Peruvian League2%54,817
21Croatian League2%50,032
22Kazakhstan League2%48,944
23Moroccan League2%48,928
24Algerian League2%47,997
25Welsh League2%44,757
26Venezuelan League2%42,600
27Bangladesh League2%42,543
28Qatar League1%35,987
29Polish 2nd League1%27,487
30English Conference League1%25,873
31Serbian League1%23,902
32Dutch 2nd League1%17,897
33Bulgarian League1%17,660
34Tunisian League1%16,271
35Slovakian League1%15,701
36Finland League1%15,023
37Bolivian League1%14,961
38Romanian League0%14,134
39Vietnamese League0%11,712
40Armenian League0%10,867
41Albanian League0%10,410
42Northern Irish League0%10,406
43Bosnian League0%10,164
44Ecuadorian League0%9,479
45Luxembourg League0%9,373
46South African League0%8,939
47Belgium 2nd League0%8,691
48Kuwait League0%7,646
49Uzbekistan League0%7,443
50Cyprus League0%7,200
51Nigerian League0%6,679
52Hong Kong League0%6,288
53Paraguayan League0%5,475
54Libyan League0%4,291
55Icelandic League0%3,595
56Macedonian League0%3,577
57Mexican 2nd League0%3,467
58Afghan League0%2,915
59Singapore League0%2,807
60Canadian League0%2,381
61Lithuanian League0%2,243
62Scottish Lower Leagues0%2,030
63Lebanese League0%694
64Estonian League0%193

Total Votes: 2,827,218

How to Vote

To drop your vote for FIFA 16 Leagues, go to

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You can also write your own wishlist for FIFA 16 at, as well as for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team at


This survey is NOT an official poll from EA Sports. FIFPlay is setting up this poll every year to encourage Electronic Arts for FIFA franchise leagues licensing. The results of these surveys will be sent to EA.

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