FIFA 14 Pre-Release Tips

FIFA 14 Pre-release Tips

FIFA 14 Tips: Get Prepared for FIFA 14 (Tips for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360).

After experiencing FIFA 14 at E3 2013, one of our FIFA 14 experts wanted to share with you some of the tips and tricks that you may need to know before start playing FIFA 14.

As an improvement to FIFA 14 gameplay – Precision Movement, the ball contact and dribbling became more important in gameplay, that means you will need to work more on individual skills than before. Ball control, dribbling and how you’re going to carry the ball are more critical now at FIFA – like as it is in real world. Passing and having a good vision are important as well – as AI doing a way better job for man marking than in FIFA 13. I would suggest you to work more on individual skills and get you fingers more comfortable to do quick actions and reaction on your game controller.

On the other hand, your teammate’s AI is also doing a good job (As it is also explained at Teammate Intelligence feature), so what you will need to do is to have a better vision and to get more familiar with your teammate’s moves.

Be more creative. Don’t just follow your FIFA 13 playing style. It is fine if you play FIFA 14 same way as your FIFA 13 style (in terms of your tactics and strategies), but trust me, at FIFA 14 you will have way more fun if you are creative. New ball physics, shooting and dribble turns could give you new methods of goal scoring, what you need to do is just to be more creative and play more dynamically. I have scored a few goals during my FIFA 14 E3 game that I have never been able to score at FIFA 13 before.

Get ready for an improved online play. As I talked to a FIFA 14 producer, I noticed that online play at FIFA 14 will be better and you will experience less gameplay lags – However he said the details will be announced later this year. So if you are one of those people who mostly are playing FIFA online, I would suggest you to get familiar with a less lag FIFA before you start your FUT online or online season by doing online friendlies first. And if you one of those people who win online matches only because of lags, you should change your gaming style!

My last tip, buy FIFA 14 – especially if you are a FUT player. Don’t miss the chance to get those gold packs!

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