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Player Details

Player Details, Player Bio, or Bio is an option in FIFA Ultimate Team to see a player card's biography and details. Player Details option is activated when pressing R3 on a player card in FUT and it will show the following information in two tabs (as PLAYER BIO and PLAYER DETAILS) of the selected player card:

Name, Known As, Date of Birth, Height, Player Work Rate (Attacking / Defensive), Preferred Foot, Weak Foot, Skill Moves, Bought for, Number of Owners, Games Played (Other Clubs / Your Club), Goals scored (Other Clubs / Your Club), Assists (Other Clubs / Your Club), Yellow Cards(Other Clubs / Your Club), Red Cards(Other Clubs / Your Club)

Chemistry: Chemistry Style, Preferred Position, Club, League, Nation
Attributes: Pace (PAC), Shooting (SHO), Passing (PAS), Dribbling (DRI), Defending (DEF), Physical (PHY)
Status: Fitness, Injury, Injury Duration, Current Red Cards