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A Midfielder or a midfield player, is a player who is generally positioned on the field between their team's defenders and forwards. Midfielders who play a defensive role, known as defensive midfielders, midfielders who break up attacks and participate in attack, known as attacking midfielders.

The number of midfielders on a team and their roles depend on their team's formation and tactics. Midfielders usually travel the longest distance during a game whilst they usually have the most possession during a match. That's why they are generally required to be the fittest players and keep their stamina high on the field.


Midfielders are generally supposed to control the ball on midfield and help attackers to score goals. Defensive midfielders are also expected to back their defenders. Here is the list of the general roles assigned to midfielders:

  • Creating goals
  • Control the ball between attack and defence
  • Disrupt the opposing team's attacks


In FIFA and FIFA Mobile, midfielders are available in the following positions:

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