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FIFA Global Series

EA Sports FIFA 21 Global Series (also known as FGS) is is the official EA Sports FIFA tournament held by EA Sports where the top FIFA players in the world compete against one another in regional tournaments in online and eSports competitions to become the champion of the FIFA Global Series.

The top performing players who competed in regional tournaments and domestic leagues in FIFA, will qualify onto the Regional Playoffs at the end of the season to crown the FIFA 21 Global Series Regional Champion.


To participate in a FGS competition round, FIFA players need to register, become FUT Champions verified, play in online regional cups and qualify for the regional playoffs competitions.


Registration is compulsory for playing in a FGS competition. FGS registration usually opens every year in early October and will be available until end of December.

Becoming FUT Champs Verified

Registered players need to prove that they are an elite competitor to earn their entry into the FIFA 21 Global Series by reaching the Elite 1 rank in FUT Champions. Registered players can become FUT Champions Verified by winning 27 games in a single Weekend League. Once players achieve Verified status, they are eligible to play in Online Regional Cups for the rest of the season. Players can become verified from playing Weekend Leagues

Online Regional Cups

FUT Champions Verified players will play head-to-head in Online Regional Cups throughout the season. These double elimination knockout tournaments will take place 3 - 5 times in each region and players will compete to earn Global Series Points based on their placements. The top ranked players at the end of the season will move on to the Regional Playoffs.

Qualification for Regional Playoffs

The top ranked players in the Global Series Rankings in each region will earn their place at the Regional Playoffs. The Regional Playoffs will crown the best FIFA 21 player in each region.

Tournament Formats & Types

Online Regional Cups

Online Regional Cups are double elimination knockout tournaments open to all FUT Champions Verified players. Each cup has a maximum of 1,024 participants. The top placing players in each tournament will earn Global Series Points.


Over thirty football leagues offer an esports program in partnership with their clubs. Players in each league compete for the chance to represent their club and team at the Regional Playoffs at the end of the season. As individual leagues announce their program, they will be added to this page.

Regional Playoffs

The top ranking players in the region and top finishing players from each league will meet in the Regional Playoffs and compete for the title of Regional Champion.


Here is the list of regions that FGS tournaments cover.

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • East Asia
  • West Asia
  • Ocenia