Can FIFA Players Transfer their Skills to Online Betting?


There are football players and then there are FIFA football players. And we all know that these are the real experts of the game. They’re not limited by physical prowess or age and can continually improve their game, while the players on the pitch all decline the older they get. But do FIFA maestros have skills that can be transferable to online betting?

From the Pitch to the Armchair

When it comes to transferable skills, FIFA players are primed really. After hours of playing the game, they’ve got knowledge and skills that probably surpass what the real-life players have. For instance, FIFA players have more time on their hands to understand and appreciate the game. And they can learn more about it each time they play, getting to know how their team works, which player is best and how to overcome certain opponents.

FIFA 20 Ronaldo

Already then, a player is well primed for management! We’ve also heard how some football players take their skills from the game and try them out on the pitch. They might not always work as otherwise we’d just see stars trying to rabona from one side of the pitch to the other. A skilled FIFA player could do that. But it’s not just being more adept in the wider football sense than actual players, video game aficionados can transfer these skills to online betting.

But how? The first hurdle is being able to choose a site with good reviews, and then using FIFA skills to pick the right bets.

The Master of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Something that FIFA players know very well and use to their advantage in each match. A good player is essentially a manager, meaning they know all the ins and outs of their squad. They know who’s going to be in their starting eleven, who the best substitutes are for each position and which youth players they need to get into the team or to send out to hone their skills. And that’s just knowing about the team.

FIFA players also build up a huge knowledge base about their competition, whether their opponents prefer the 3-1-4-2 formation and how to beat their familiar tactics. These skills would definitely come in handy when it comes to online betting. For instance, this type of skilled knowledge can easily be transferred to betting on an outcome of a game. Players will immediately be able to make a prediction based on the teams and players involved. The better players will be able to bet better on top end games such as the Champions League Final, even placing bets on who will score or what the end result will be. All those years of playing as Real Madrid might finally pay off. Literally.

FIFA 20 Hazard

Better at Decision Making

Again, another skill that FIFA players are adept in as it’s something that’s used in every match. Which players should make the team – are they well enough? Have they recovered from injury and if not, who will substitute them? Should they put on a player with a yellow card and run the risk they could get booked before a final? Has the club recently been active in the transfer market? Even when the match is in play, the controllers behind it all are still always making decisions. Short passing through midfield, lobbing it up to the wings, who’s going to take free kicks? All these decisions have to be made and for FIFA players this is just natural.

So imagine the possibilities if this is transferred to online betting? They’ll be able to use their decision-making brains and make a more informed bet. They’ll know perhaps that it’s not wise to bet on a team when their star players injured (perhaps why not many people are betting on Harry Kane’s Tottenham at the moment). Or they’ll know that some team tactics just don’t work against certain opponents, so they can use this to place winning bets.

Keeping Cool

We mean, come on, already FIFA players are pretty awesome but what makes them really cool? The fact that the best of them can keep a cool head. Not the ones who immediately quit online matches when they’re on a losing streak or shout through the headphones. We’re talking about the ones who can remain calm even in the face of defeat. The ones who take their victories without showboating. This calming influence is a must for online betting as it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go your way. FIFA players will understand if they’ve made the wrong bet but they won’t let it get to them.

Just like when they’re knocked out of a tournament or missed out on the top spot of the league, they pick themselves up and get back to top form. So with online betting they learn from what’s gone on and place an even better bet the next time. Or…they might have a tantrum and throw their controllers at the screen.


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