Can a Gaming VPN Really Improve Your Online Play on FIFA?

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You have probably heard of the term Virtual Private Network or VPN, but you may be wondering what it has to do with FIFA and other online games. Well, the good news is there are VPNs especially suitable for gaming, which can actually improve your online play.

Modern gaming landscape

The days of sitting at home playing video games on your own are long gone. As the video game timeline progressed, the concept of multiplayer gaming allowed more than one person in a room to play against each other. Later, the high-speed internet extended that capability beyond imagination. Today, playing a game can mean entering a vast world inhabited by gamers from all over the globe. As a result, FIFA players can play against friends or other players around the world anytime and from anywhere in single or ranked matches.

Why use a VPN for online gaming?

Playing games like FIFA online can use up a lot of bandwidth and some Internet Service Providers just can’t cope. They have even been known to limit connectivity to users for processing too much data at one time. And that is where VPN software can help. Some VPNs connect you to a private network but they do not always improve your experience. Users who connect to inferior VPNs and try to play FIFA online (especially free versions with limited capabilities) may find that the connection becomes slow or unstable.

But not all VPNs are created equal and some can actually lower the latency between a game player and the server, in effect speeding up the connection and improving gameplay.

More benefits of using a VPN for gaming

But the benefits do not stop there. Gaming VPNs also enable you to play games and access exclusive content from anywhere in the world. If a game launches early in another country, you can use your VPN to download and play it before it is released in your region.

You can also take part in multi-player games in any region. And as VPNs are also encrypted, they can help to keep your gaming data safe making them a useful tool for FIFA players. Some game publishers, including Epic Games, have taken it upon themselves to ban users from playing games such as Fortnite. The reasons are not always clear but if your IP address is one of those that have been banned you can unblock Fortnite using a VPN. Using a VPN to play a game such as Fortnite also gives you the many benefits listed above. With reduced latency and higher speeds, the overall gaming experience is boosted.

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There are a whole host of VPNs out there. From free basic versions to help you bypass geo-blocking and browse the web, to subscription services with thousands of servers worldwide operating at high speeds. Whether you play Fortnite or the latest version of FIFA, the very best VPNs will give you unlimited bandwidth and will rarely drop out. And you can use them on up to six devices or more at any one time. What’s more, plans are available from just a few dollars a month.

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