FIFA 13 Packshot

EA Sports has officially announced FIFA 13 packshot (global pack cover) featuring Leo Messi:

FIFA 13 Packshot
FIFA 13 Packshot (cover shot) – Leo Messi

FIFA 13 Xbox360
FIFA 13 Pack Xbox360 (Ultimate Edition)

FIFA 13 Pack PS3 (Ultimate Edition)

FIFA 13 WiiU Cover
FIFA 13 Cover for Wii U

FIFA 13 Xbox 360
FIFA 13 Cover for Xbox360

FIFA 13 Cover Italy
FIFA 13 Cover for Italy featuring Claudio Marchisio

FIFA 13 Cover France
FIFA 13 Cover for France (French) featuring Karim Benzema

FIFA 13 Cover France
FIFA 13 Cover for Spain (Spanish) featuring Roberto Soldado from Valencia

FIFA 13 Cover UK
FIFA 13 Cover for UK (England) featuring Joe Hart and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Read press release for FIFA 13 UK Cover

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40 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Packshot

  1. Get in, some one different on the cover, rooney been on every cover since fifa 06

  2. Get rid of Messi, don’t put rooney. If you pre-order you should be able to design your own. Put in Van Persi, Aguero and Torres

  3. It is the real cover as messianic has signed with ea hence the special inform card on ultimate team just like he is the cover of FIFA street messing is the face of ea now the world’s best player signs fir the world’s best football game fact

  4. worst cover in fifa’s history.where is rooney,iniesta or van persie?also no kaka neymar and ronaldo.

    1. dats all u know of football, you dumbhead …
      this player deserves it all …
      ronaldo just got the shit in name of talent …
      messi made it all possible by his skills …

        1. If you say rooney should be on Van Persie should also be on, and why not xavi, fabregas, kompany, … so many players could be on, each year will be different ..

  5. i think its amazing how they got messi at the new camp wearing the new barcelona kit which hasnt been played in at home

  6. It should be Rooney, messi and neymar or just Rooney and messi . And they should change the back round colour

  7. Go MESSI ! Best in the World through hard work not by looks or glamour! rooney! Messi makes him look like a weaping abortion! Ronaldo is only looks and fame wtf?? Messi is Football

  8. ok they should have messi in the middle, neymar on the right and giovani dos santos on the left.

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