FIFA Mobile – Events

FIFA Mobile Events

Events are time-limited challenges in FIFA Mobile which offer you rewards when they are completed. You can earn rewards such as coins, packs and player items by completing Events challenges in FIFA Mobile.

Here is the complete list of all Events in FIFA Mobile version 2017-2018:

Team of the Year Available until from 15 to 29 Jan, 2018 No requirements
Matchups (Boxing Day) Available until Dec 22, 2017
Updated on Jan 3, 2018
No requirements
Football Freeze Available until Jan 2, 2018 No requirements
La Liga Rivalries Available until Jan 2, 2018 No requirements
Domination Refreshes every Monday At least a 78 OVR Team
Team Heros Refreshes every Tuesday No requirements
Team of the Week Refreshes every Wednesday No requirements
Matchups Refreshes every Thursday No requirements
ICONS Refreshes every Saturday No requirements
Community Favourites Refreshes every Sunday No requirements
Tournament Available on Weekends Must be in at least VS Attack World Class III
Daily Warm-up Daily No requirements
Scouting Refreshes every 4 hours No requirements


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