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Here you can vote for your favorite footballers to show EA that you want them as FIFA 18 cover star. Choose your favourite superstar from the voting list below and then click on the VOTE button.

Your favourite footballer is not in the list? Don’t worry, go to our Facebook page and ask us to add them to the list.

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Note: This cover vote is not official. We will only submit the vote result to Electronic Arts.

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207 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Cover Vote

  1. I personally the cover trophy should be given to Nyermah Jr.. He is young with high prospect of doing better as he has began.

  2. One and Only Messi can deserve it…
    Bcz Messi Played very well this season..
    La Liga Top scorer, Ucl Top Scorer n European league Top scorer…
    So Only Messi is best performer in this season…
    My Vote for Messi.. ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Cr7 ever the worlds best footballer in theis century ciz he s mre decorated with all mojar trophies than the fuckine Messi and others… All the best Cr7….

  3. How Is The Best Ronaldo & Neymar, It’s Impossible. Messi Is The Best Player In The World, Still Any Players Not Compare With Messi. All Time Messi Is Beeeeeeest In The World.

  4. I think i will go in for cR7 due to his style, power, passion and looks for the football world. He has really done a great job with football.

  5. This time ronlado pls….he was awsm this year and very few days left for him to play…hes 32 ,still carrying one of the best clubs with his performance. …if someone other than cr7 appears as a cover i ll stop buying fifa…☺

  6. Obviously messi is better than Ronaldo(cR7) because messi is God gifted talent but cr7 is a good player only so messi deserve it

  7. for me and every supporter of football
    he/she we all know that messi is the best player in the world for now and then messi is the best among all players of the world

  8. Judging on last two years performance it is clear that Ronaldo’s achievements are more than Messi.So it goes without saying that Ronaldo should be on the coverpage of FIFA-18.Otherwise I will say that FIFA is a biased organisation.

  9. A dual pic of messi and ronaldo would be the best cover pic for FIFA 2018. Because present world think that they are the legend of this era.So we should respect them and make a dual pic of them in cover pic.

  10. I think ballon d’or winner should placed here.And he is only c.Ronaldo.Also we see messi since now time for change.

  11. Antoine Griezmann or Sergio Aguero because they’re handsome and I don’t want to have to look at Frank Ribery or Delle Allis ugly faces all the time haha.

    1. jjjj a players merit is not determined on his looks….it is solely based on his performance. So get your mind straight…and never comment such things, as they are far better than you specifically in playing football.Got it or not?

  12. I think, it’s the best time to give a honorary gift to the best player of the world CR7. You guyz should think about it. He is the best person who deserve the place most.

  13. I think is legendary player and as a result to give honor he should be on cover page of fifa… Messi is also a great player but he is on the cover page since years… So it should be Cristiano next….

  14. I think Ronaldo should be on FIFA 18 cover because he is better than Messi and Messi has been on FIFA cover for years and that is not fair

  15. Hi I think the best player for cover is Lionel Messi due to he is the best player in the world……….Messi is always best,,,,,,,,,Leo Messi is the best footballer of the world……he is very honest man & honest player….he is the greatest footballer….I love him a lot…………..So I wanna that best player cover is leonel messi….. #thanks

  16. One character is very old idea…
    Let’s start a new things…
    A graphic photo of both of them(Ronaldo & messi)on fifa cover…

  17. Hi I think the best player for cover is Lionel Messi due to he is the best player in the world. Thanks❤️ We Love #Leo_Messi❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hi yes you say correct is better for FIFA because FIFA is very terrible game and messi good for that but Ronaldo is good for pes2018 the king of players cr7

  18. Hi, every year i saw Messi ,fifa not going to be flexible, my mean its need some changings. By the way i think “Cristiano Ronaldo” is best this time for cover , his the best player in this year …. Thanks Fifa

    1. Cr7 is the best plyer in the world all of them know . That’s really beter than M.N.S
      ❤❤❤❤Cr7 I love you❤❤❤❤

  19. Really Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo aren’t good anymore let’s have a new one how many times you want see them
    I don’t like any of them any more

  20. i think Neymar should be the next one!!!!!!!!!he is one of the best player in the world,and fifa can use his drible skills!!!!!

    1. Yeap.. But messi’s dribbling and ball control is better than neymar… And we know that messi is the best dribbler in the world no doubt..

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