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Vote for FIFA 18 Global Cover Vote

Here you can vote for your favorite footballers to show EA that you want them as FIFA 18 cover star. Choose your favourite superstar from the voting list below and then click on the VOTE button.

Your favourite footballer is not in the list? Don’t worry, go to our Facebook page and ask us to add them to the list.

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Note: This cover vote is not official. We will only submit the vote result to Electronic Arts.

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47 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Cover Vote

  1. Its simple, I just think that Portuguese stadiums like Estádio José Alvalade, Estádio da Luz, Estádio do Dragão, maybe Estádio Municipal de Braga are fundamental and It should be DEFINITEVELY on FIFA 18

  2. I really think Dybala or Lewandowski should be on the fifa 18 cover. They have played so well, that it made both of them the best in their league

  3. neymar is still young and already 3rd best player , he will be the the best player ever. Neymar is my vote

    1. Your comments …I think Christiano Ronaldo deserve it because he has taken the UCL. Euros and the fifa world cup

  4. Khama Billiat also deserves to be on the cover page because of his performance and achievements individually and with his team

  5. Carlos Tevez should be the FIFA 18 Cover, or for a version for south america, he is one of the best players of south america and might be the highest paid player if he goes to china. So please Carlos Tevez would be the FIFA 18 cover or for a version for south america

  6. David de Gea is the winner for me. He’s performed so well over the years for United and still is. I tgink he really deserves it.

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