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myClyb in PES 2020

PES 2020 features myClub mode, the most popular game mode in Pro Evolution Soccer game. myClub allows you to create your PES club using all the players and managers that are available in PES 2020 database.

The myClub mode is similar to the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA.

myClub Currencies

In myClub, you need to use PES virtual currencies to purchase players. These currencies are available in two types:

  • GP – GPs are given to you every time you complete a match. You can spend GP to renew contracts, hire managers and bid for scouts to get the players from the packs.
  • Coins – Coins are usually gained when an achievement is completed. Coins can be spent for signing and for unlocking top Managers. Coins also can be gained as login awards (almost every 3-4 days).


All licensed players in PES 2020 player database are available in myClub mode. To get players, you need to get them from the packs (known as Balls) and sign contracts with them. Players are categorised based on their OVR and they can be gained from the balls in 5 different qualities: White, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black Ball.

Below is the list of ball qualities including the OVR of the players that they contain:

Quality Player OVR
White Ball 69-
Bronze Ball 70-74
Silver Ball 75-79
Gold Ball 80-84
Black Ball 85+


By spending GP/coins you can spin an agent and get players based on you luck – similar to rolling a dice. Agents are also categorised based on the the players they can get for you. The higher level agents can bring you players with higher OVR. You can also gain agents as rewards.


Managers brings tactics and formations for your team. You need to spend GP/coins to hire managers.

Team Spirit

The team spirit will help your team function better. It is similar to Team Chemistry in FUT.

According to Konami, Team Spirit is “an overall indication of a group of factors, including a manager’s suitability to your squad, each of your player’s positional suitability and mastery of team instructions as well as your current Preset Tactics”.

Match Modes

Under the Match menu in the myClub, you can play offline and online matches. Below is the list of these options:

Ranked Match

Using this option you can play ranked 1v1 online matches. The matchmaking system in this match mode can be adjusted by the user.

myClub Co-op

Here you can combine some players from your team with other teammates and play an online Co-op match. There are two types of Cop-op match: Casual Match and Clan Match. A Casual Match is a simple way to team up with an online Co-op partner for a single match. A Clan Match will allow you to create a match room and play online co-op matches with other members. Clan match results will affect your ranking.

Ranked Match (Sim)

This is a simulator mode where you can lead your team from sidelines without controlling your players directly. But, you can still manage your team strategy and substitute players – More like a team manager.

vs COM

This match mode will allow you to play offline against a team from other myClub users and earn rewards.

myClub Friendly Match

Here you can create a Match Room and play a non-ranked online match.

Club House

In the Club House screen of myClub, you can manage your team & your players. You can also train your players to improve their EXP and skills and level them up.

  • Squad Management
  • myClub Members
  • Training


Here you can sign players & managers. Under this menu, you are also able to trade your duplicate players for new ones.

  • Agents – Special agents to make a signing
  • Scout – Sign players using a scout
  • Managers – Hire a new manager for your club
  • Loan Contract – Sign players on loan
  • Trade – Trade duplicate player cards for new ones

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