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3 thoughts on “FIFA Manager 13 – New Screenshots

  1. Gameplay of fifa manager 08 is wonderful. In 08 version, player are likely to do something. But in later fifa manager version, players are running, passing, shooting without aim, technique is poor. I think FIFA manager 13 should be developed based on fifa 11 gameplay. because Fifa 11 gameplay is fantastic. There r some new international tournament and feature should be add. They are- Fifa Under-17 World cup, Fifa Olympic Tournament, Fifa youth olympic tournament, pan-american games football, concacaf gold cup, african nations cup, asian cup, oceanean cup, continental best player award, give freedom to put new club and international tournament in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to change any club and international match date in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to hire club staff( Assistant coach, doctor, scout etc ) from any country( After fifa manager 08 club staff can be hire only from pre selected league and associated country. I very much beg to EA to add these feature. I am very optimistic. Please these r not a very tough tusk. Please listen to me. I’m waiting, we r waiting.

  2. Yes…the game that sells itself by putting FIFA into its title is ashamed to release screenshots of the actual 3d match engine which is the main reason anyone would buy this over segas football manager. Why is it ashamed? Because its awful. Because its the same engine that dose not work that they have released in 2009,2010 & 2011 and 2012 fifa managers and its awful – players run about clueless – messi does nothing special – forget special moves etc or exciting matches the players dont even run properly…..its just so boring to watch…the 3d match engine now in 2012 is pathetic and looks awful on modern pcs. The animations are awful the AI is laughable and the list just goes on and on – WHY EA cant you bring in the team that produces fifa to do fifa manager? surely you realise we would all then buy BOTH fifa and fifa manager? My advice – is if you love football like me steer clear of this awful fifa maanger game until they bring in good developers that actually work on the game each year to oh I dont know bring it up to date with realistic ai and a match engine that competes with fifa each year. I wont be buying fifa manager Im sick of getin ripped off.

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