FIFA 13 – Be A Referee Mode

FIFA 13 Referee

Be A Ref mode has been always one of the FIFA fans wishes since last year. If you go through our FIFA 12 Wishlist, you will see that many people have asked EA to put this feature in to the FIFA 12 game.

However FIFA 13 Be A Referee Mode feature has not been officially announced yet, David Rutter (FIFA 13 Producer) has mentioned in an interview just before FIFA 12 release day last year that EA Sports has been considering to add a Referee Mode in FIFA 12 but they couldn’t make it for the previous FIFA game. He also mentioned that refereeing might be a mode along with Goalkeeper mode in FIFA 13.

According to some unconfirmed news, FIFA 13 will have “Be A Referee” mode playable in the game, where gamers will be able to control the referee on the pitch and decide on free kicks, showing cards, offsides and penalties as a ref.

Any further news on this feature will be available here once we get the latest … Until then you can play Football Referee game here:

Play Football Referee game.

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  1. There will be a lot of people giving decisions to a certain club but that is how referee’s work now… But it will bring abit more fun to the game

  2. can someone answer please, is the turkish league on fifa 13 ?? pleaseee ea add the turkish league get the license with the clubs we have been waiting so long for this game and hoped that spor toto super lig will be in this game this year, we cant wait anymore.

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