FIFA Mobile – Team of the Week

FIFA Mobile Team of the Week

Team of the Week is available as an event in FIFA Mobile. By playing Team of the Week event in FIFA Mobile you can ear TOTW Points and redeem TOTW Players using these points. Team of the Week event refreshes every Wednesday in FIFA Mobile.

TOTW Points

By completing Daily Quests, watching ads or purchasing TOTW Pack in TOTW event you can obtain TOTW Points. TOTW Points can be spent on the TOTW Player Offer. TOTW Points carry over each week.

TOTW Starter Packs

You can redeem your TOTW Points on the TOTW Player offer. There are 11 Starter Players to obtain every week – Player portraits will appear on top of their respective silhouette as you obtain them. You have a week to claim them before they are gone.

Player of the Month

Every month a new Player of the Month (POTM) will be featured. The POTM is chosen based on his real world performance during matches. Once revealed, redeem your POTM Points to claim that Player.

POTM Points

Every unique Starter Player will also come with POTM Points. You can get more POTM Points by obtaining unique TOTW Players. You will not receive Points from TOTW Players you already claimed. Point will carry over each month.

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  1. literally had 999 points. 1 point away from converting into a 97 rated player and team of the week disappears forever. pissed

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