FIFA Mobile Star Pass

Star Pass FIFA Mobile

Star Pass is a program in FIFA Mobile which allows you to unlock Star Pass Rewards by completing daily & weekly quests by earning Star Score and purchasing Gold Star Pass. Star Pass refreshes every 4 weeks.

Star Score

Star Score can be earned from Daily Quests and Star Pass Quests. By increasing your Star Score you will be able to unlock and gain Star Pass Rewards. Star Score resets monthly with the Star Pass.

Gold Star Pass

Gold Star Pass can be only purchased by spending real money. Gold Star Pass will last for a month. Using this pass, you will be able to redeem exclusive rewards such as FIFA Points and Star Pass Players. The usual price for a Gold Star Pass is USD 14,99.


Star Pass Rewards are available in two categories which can be claimed using Star Score and Gold Star Pass.

Star Score Rewards

These rewards can be gained by spending Star Score:

  • Coins
  • Training XP
  • Skill Boosts
  • Gems
  • Star Logo
Gold Star Pass Rewards

Gold Star Pass can be only purchased with real money. These rewards can be gained by spending Gold Star Pass:

  • Star Pass Season Players
  • Coins
  • Skill Boosts
  • FIFA Points
  • Super Star Logo
  • Special Kits


Below is the list of Star Pass player cards. These cards are only available to redeem using Gold Star Pass.

Star Pass Season 4
  • ST: Pukki (80)
  • CM: Aouar (82)
  • RW: Under (83)
  • CB: Boly (84)
  • CAM: Odegaard (86)
  • CM: Zakaria (86)
  • ST: Lewandowski (88)
  • RB: Di Lorenzo (88)
  • ST: Immobile (88)
  • LW: Hazard (89)
  • GK: Courtois (90)
  • CAM: Gomez (91)

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  1. I want to buy star pass but i do not want to put my card details in my phone, is there any other way to purchase the star pass?

  2. I purchased in the middle of the season so, I’m unable to complete the star pass…will i continue the star pass for next season…will I get star pass next season plzzz let me know .

  3. i got a question say u buy a star pass and u dont finish it do u still get the rewards u didint get to?

  4. I bought the star once .. so my question is can I buy it again or is it only once a time ? Thank you

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