FIFA Mobile Chemistry

FIFA Mobile Chemistry

Chemistry is a factor in FIFA Mobile that boosts your team’s performance on the field when your Starting 11 players are from the same club, league, nation and/or special events.

After the OVR rating, the team chemistry is the second important factor for your team. The higher chemistry you gain, the better chances you will get Vs Attack (VSA) and League vs League (LvL) matches.

How to Unlock the Team Chemistry

To unlock the Team Chemistry you need to reach Level 7. You need to have minimum 2 elite players linked together sharing similarities such as club, league and/or nationality.

Team Chemistry only available for 80+ OVR players. Any other players such as silver or gold linked to an elite player (80+ OVR player) won’t get chemistry.

How to See the Team Chemistry

Chemistry is shown in coloured lines between players on your Starting 11 (on MY TEAM screen). Green line means good Chemistry, bright/light green colour indicates best Chemistry and grey outline means no Chemistry.

FIFA Mobile Chemistry

The number of Team Chemistry you get for your Starting 11 is shown on the right side of the screen next to your team OVR. The maximum chemistry number you can get is 120.

Chemistry View

You can see the chemistry statistics of every player on your starting lineup by turning on the “Chemistry View” button which is available on click the “chemistry view” toggle on the right side of the MY TEAM screen.

FIFA Mobile Chemistry

On the chemistry view, the numbers shown on the right column, are the chemistry given by that player to all linked players, while the numbers on the left column are the Chemistry received by that player from linked players.

How to Get Higher Chemistry

To maximise your Team Chemistry, you need to have elite players in your Starting Lineup with the following factors:

  • Players with the same club, league, nation or the players from the same event
  • Players placed in their preferred position

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