FIFA Mobile – League

FIFA Mobile League Mode

FIFA Mobile League is a game mode in FIFA Mobile where you can create or join a league and play against other league members and other leagues.

Joining or creating a league in FIFA Mobile will allow you to play league tournaments, championships matches and single matches to earn League Points to claim special rewards.

League mode is accessible from the Home screen in FIFA Mobile.

League Points

By being in a league and playing league matches you can earn League Points which can be spent to redeem League rewards packs & bundles. Here is a list of rewards you can redeem using your gained League Points from the Store:

Create a League

You can Create a League after reaching Level 4. Tap the Create League button to do so. Set up your League as you like, including requirements that must be met in order to Apply. After creation, you can still customise in League Settings.

Joining a League

To join a League, you must first Apply. Tap the Apply button on the League tile to start the process. Once you do, the League Owner will receive your Application. You will receive a message if you have been accepted.

League Chat

You and other League members will be able to Chat with each other in real time. Tap Chat box to start chatting. You can also mute League members by tapping on their messages and selecting mute. To unmute a member, go to your League settings and unmute them (Gear Button).


Leaderboards show you the top players in the world, in your current division and in your league.


League Tournaments are Tournaments between two Leagues that have anywhere from 4v4 to 32v32 member matchups. You can access League Tournaments by tapping the Tournaments panel. Finding opponent to create a tournament requires minimum 4 members in your league.


League Championships are bracketed Tournaments made up of members from just your League. To start a league championship your league needs to have at least 4 members.

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5 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile – League

  1. What do we get from League championships??? I win first place by playing against my team, and what do we get fro that? Can you explane to me please.. Thx

    1. Same as you !
      I won a lot of Matchs but… nothing, no a “league point”… I don’t know why. If you have an answer…
      Thank you

      1. Not much.. Championship is basically for Enjoyment among league members. That’s totally up to the Owner/admin.

        Tournaments are much more important.

        If you are interested in Joining a League – where we play Tournaments everyday, search for ‘Kingslayer’ and apply!

        Thank you!

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