FIFA Mobile ICONS (SBC Event)

FIFA Mobile Icons Event

FIFA Mobile ICONS SBC challenges are available from Thursday, 26th of March 2020 at FIFA Mobile Events.

To play this event, you need to complete the SBC Tutorial chapter of FIFA Mobile SBC event. By completing ICONS weekly SBCs you can earn Aspect Points and Icons Points. There are 5 types of Aspect Points: Career, History, Legacy, Championship and Honor.

Each section grants a different type of Aspect point. Different Aspect Points along with Icons Points are used to unlock Icons Players in the Icons chapter.

Here is the list of chapters in this event:


In this chapter, you can play Squad Building Challenges torn Icons Points as well as Aspect Points. These challenges refresh weekly.

Below is the list of available challenges:

Challenge Rewards
Hall of Icons Prime Icon
  • Prime Icons Player
Career Point SBC
  • Career Point
  • Icons Point
  • Skils Boosts Point
History Point SBC
  • History Point
  • Icons Point
  • Skils Boosts Point
Legacy Point SBC
  • Legacy Point
  • Icons Point
  • Skils Boosts Point
Championship Point SBC
  • Championship Point
  • Icons Point
  • Skils Boosts Point
Honor Point SBC
  • Honor Point
  • Icons Point
  • Skils Boosts Point


In the Icons chapter you can spend your Aspect and Icons points to redeem Icons players. Each Icons player require both Icons Points and Aspect Points to unlock for claim.

Icons chapter refresh monthly with different Icons Players. Be sure to complete your claim before the next refresh as progress will not carry over.

Icons players you can redeem from these chapter are as follows:

March 2020
  • ST: Eusebio (97) – Price: 44 x Legacy Points
  • CB: Baresi (95) – Price: 38 x Championship Points
  • CAM: Kaka (94) – Price: 36 x Honor Points
  • CM: Gerard (93) – Price: 34 x Career Points
  • ST: Van Nistelrooy (92) – Price: 32 x History Points
  • CB: Blanc (91) – Price: 30 x Legacy Points
  • LW: Overmars (90) – Price: 28 x Honor Points
  • CDM: Makelele (89) – Price: 20 x Championship Points
  • CM: Scholes (88) – Price: 18 x Legacy Points
  • ST: Klose (87) – Price: 16 x Honor Points
  • CAM: Rui Costa (86) – Price: 14 x History Points
  • ST: Hernandez (85) – Price: 12 x Career Points


Aspect Points and Icons Points are available to purchase in this chapter.

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  1. When is the icon event going to end? Just wondering so I can know when to exchange everything ? It would suck if it just happens out of nowhere and I was waiting for more and all that was saved is gone Jajaj thanks

    1. Without spending them yes, but if you half buy and icon and change ur mind and leave it half paid then that part is gone . Hope that help

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