FIFA Mobile 20 – Top Transfer

Top Transfers FIFA Mobile

Top Transfer event is available on FIFA Mobile from 26 March to 19 April. This event features the largest transfers.

By playing Top Transfer event you can earn Transfer and Contract Points to claim special rewards such as transfer players.

  • Event Duration: 14 Days (26 March to 19 April 2020)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Top Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: For 200,000 coins, you can get 5 Weekly Coin Packs that give you 15 Top Energy.
  • Free Gift: Daily Login (25 Transfer Points)
  • Energy: Top Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 24 Top Energy

Top Transfer event has two chapters:


Skill Games, which cost 3 Top Energy and award Transfer Points, are included in the main chapter. Base Stamina is used in the matches, which can offer Coins, Gold + Players, and Skill Boosts. To unlock the Top Transfer Nodes for rewards, use the Transfer Points earned from the skill games. The core road provides resource rewards, whereas the side paths provide specific player progression. Here are the players you can claim along the path:

  • CAM: Eriksen (99)
  • LW: Carrasco (8)
  • CB: Kjær (97)
  • ST: Javier Hernández (96)
  • CDM: Weigl (94)
  • CF: Raúl de Tomás Gómez (90)
  • LWB: Young (89)
  • ST: Augustin (86)

Earning these players from the path will progress you towards these two milestones:

Node Unlocked Token Cost Reward POS
Legendary Milestone Claim 6 Players from the Path 1500

Legendary 100 OVR Player Zlatan Ibrahimović ST
Prime Icon Milestone Claim 8 Players from the Path 1500 Prime Icon 100 OVR Jay-Jay Okocha RM

When you complete the Top Transfer Skill Games path, you will receive 1 Negotiation Point. The Top Transfer Negotiation can be used with two. When you open the Top Transfer Negotiation, you’ll get 1 guaranteed Top Transfer Item, the chance to get at least 1 Negotiation Point back, and the chance to get a Transfer Contract. To earn a Player Contract, you must save 15 Transfer Contracts.

  • CM: Rooney (95)
  • ST: Toko-Ekambi (95)
  • LB: Rose (95)

Here are the Top Transfer Items:

Top Transfer Item Count
Window Tokens 100
Coins 200,000
Skill Boosts 150
Transfer Point 25
93 RW Carles Pérez Sayol 1
89 CM Exequiel Palacios 1
87 RM Carvalho Fernandes 1
84 Alan Pulido 1

Transfer Window

A total of 12 new players have been added to the Top Transfer Window. Window Tokens earned from reward nodes along the main transfer line can be used to unlock a random reward from the display. If one of the 12 Top Transfer Player items is the result, the player is removed off the wheel and replaced with a resource reward item.

The initial transfer window will remain open until next week, April 2nd at 19:00 UTC, when a new batch of players will be available.

Transfer Window #1 (26 March – 2 April)
  • CAM: Borges Fernandes (96)
  • LM: Esmoris Tasende (95)
  • RW: Fernández Sáez (92)
  • CDM: Demme (91)
  • LW: Piatti (90)
  • CB: Caldara (89)
  • CAM: Olmo Carvajal (89)
  • ST: Alcácer García (88)
  • LM: Castelo Podence (87)
  • GK: Vermeer (86)
  • ST: Braithwaite (86)
  • RM: Bowen (86)
Transfer Window #2 (2 April – 9 April)
  • CM: Emre Can (96)
  • LW: Bergwijn (95)
  • RW: Politano (92)
  • CM: Berge (91)
  • LB: Rodríguez (90)
  • ST: Ighalo (89)
  • CB: Murillo (89)
  • ST: En-Nesyri (88)
  • RWB: Moses (87)
  • CDM: Wanyama (87)
  • LM: Sinclair (85)
  • ST: Cavallini (85)

During a refresh, all players are changed out, including any player spaces that were substituted with currency. It’s worth noting that the Transfer Meter does not reset.


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