FIFA Mobile – Icon Journeys

Icon Journeys

By playing and completing the objectives in FIFA Mobile ICON JOURNEYS program you will be able to claim a Prime Icons Player.

Play through Icon Journeys chapters and complete milestones to claim Prime Icon Fernando Torres in a position of your choice.

There are four chapters in Icon Journeys. Each chapter requires various lineup requirements


Here you can claim your Icon Player and see your Quests and their status.


In the Nation chapter, you can earn a Base+ Icon player by fulfilling lineup requirements and playing though matches. There are 12 activities in this lineup path where you need to complete. The last activity is to exchange three players with specific rating and nationality with a Base Icon player (Carles Puyol).

You can also purchase player offers based on the exchange nationality requirement from here by paying either Gems or Points.


You can also earn a Base+ Icon player by completing the League’s chapterpauh requirements. This chapter will be unlocked on 10 March 2022.


Similar to National and League chapters, here also you will be able to earn a Base+ Icon player by completing the path. This chapter will be unlocked on 29 April 2022.

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  1. I am unable the unlock match 7 in league matches even tough I have 93 OVR, and 8 League Players.

    1. i cant start the team icon of athletico madrid , i cant play the first training level .

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