FIFA Mobile – New Beginnings

New Beginnings - FIFA Mobile

The New Beginnings program is available in FIFA Mobile game from 18th of January to 3rd of February 2022.

Earn Foundation Points, Target Tokens, and Warm-Up Points by completing a route of Skill and Matches.
On the path, use your Foundation Points to acquire rewards. To gain Target Tokens, complete your Daily Quests. Target Tokens can be used for a variety of incentives. Warm-Up Points can be used for bonus goodies in the store. To gain more rewards, compete in Challenge Mode, a new gauntlet-style format.


Here you can get Foundation Points and Target Tokens. In order to do that, complete 4 Skill Games and 3 Matches per day. When you reach the end of the path, you’ll be able to play Bonus Match for a Warm-Up Point.

Type Reward 1/th>

Reward 2/th>

Skill Game 1 4 Foundation Points Daily
Skill Game 2 4 Foundation Points Daily
Skill Game 3 4 Foundation Points 1 Target Token Daily
Skill Game 4 4 Foundation Points Daily
Match 1 10 Foundation Points Daily
Match 2 10 Foundation Points 2 Target Tokens Daily
Match 3 10 Foundation Points Daily
Bonus Match 1 Warm-Up Point Daily
Quest Reward Refresh
Win 1 Division Rivals Match 2 Target Tokens Daily
Milestones Reward
Earn 200 Target Tokens Event Icon 89 OVR ST Michael Owen
Use 8,000 Foundation Points Event Icon 92 OVR RM George Best


Bring your Foundation Points here to spend on rewards and players along the road. When you reach the conclusion of the journey, you will be able to choose between two 90 OVR players.


Use your Target Tokens to slam the targets and locate three of the day’s featured rewards.¬†Every day, a new New Beginnings Player and awards, including bonus Foundation Points, will be available.

Star Pass

Completing Quests throughout the event will gain you Star Pass points, which can be used to get Foundation Points, Target Tokens, and New Beginnings Players. To advance, play Division Rivals matches and accomplish daily/weekly quests.

More goodies will be unlocked as you earn Star Pass Points along the Star Pass journey. The Star Pass is divided into two categories: free and premium. FIFA Points can also be used to advance through Star Pass levels and receive rewards more quickly.

Challenge Mode

In FIFA Mobile, there’s a brand-new gauntlet mode! To gain Foundation and Target Tokens, complete Matches. Because your Challenge Mode progress resets every day at 7PM UTC time, you must win all of your matches every day to receive the maximum rewards. Your turn ends if you lose. You can spend 200 Gems to try again from where you were knocked out.

During New Beginnings, there are two separate Challenge Modes running weekly, each with different Matches and awards, so make sure to play both weeks.

Week 1 – 21 to 23 January [3 Days]
Big League Kick Off:
  • 2 Skill Games
  • 3 PvE Matches
New Challenge:
  • 3 H2H Matches
Week 2 – 28 to 30 January [3 Days]

National Qualifiers:
  • 2 Skill Games
  • 3 PvE Matches
New Challenge:
  • 3 H2H Matches


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