How to Get Icons in FIFA 22

How Get Icons

Icons are special players in FIFA 22 based on iconic legendary footballers from years gone by. Icons have special traits and attributes and can perform very well on the pitch. In FIFA Ultimate Team, icon player cards are regarded extremely rare and expensive.

In this article, we’ll go through how to get icon players in FUT 22.

Get Icons by Opening FIFA Packs

This method could be the easiest way to get an Icon player, however it is based on your luck and the packs probabilities that is set by EA. Usually the probability is below 1%, which means you need to be super lucky to pull an Icon from a pack.

Buy Icons from Transfer Market

You can buy Icons and bid for them at the Transfer Market. The good thing with buying Icons from the market is that you know which Icon at what price you are willing to get. Take note that Icon cards are usually expensive and you need lots of coins for shopping Icons. This can vary from 150,000 coins to a few millions, depending on the icon player and its type.

Get Icons by Completing Squad Building Challenges

Yes, by solving SBCs you can also get Icons. There are two types of SBCs for getting Icons:

  • Icons SBCs – These SBCs are there for you to get Icons as a reward for completing them. Icons SBCs are usually there as unrepeatable SBCs and for a limited period of time. Do check FIFA 22 SBCs regularly to see which Icons SBCs are available. These SBCs are not cheap but they will be available for a month, so you will have enough time to collect your resources and budget to complete them.
  • Icon Swaps – Icon Swaps are another solution for gaining Icon players in FUT 22. Icon Swaps SBCs will be available a few months after the launch of the game and will be there for a long time. In order to complete Icon Swaps SBCs you need to collect Swap Tokens which can be gained by completing certain objectives. By having enough token for an Icon Swaps SBC you can swap your tokens for an Icon player. For more details, check out the FIFA 22 Icon Swaps page.

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