FIFA Mobile – Derby

FIFA Mobile Derby Event

FIFA Mobile Derby event is live from 18th to 24th September 2019. This event is a new competitive mode that lets you pick a side, and then compete on multiple Leaderboards to earn rewards. You are required to read Level 3 and and VSA Amateur III to unlock this event.

  • Event: Derby
  • Type: Matchups
  • Duration: 6 days – September 19th to September 24th
  • Energy Type: Derby Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)
  • Unlock: Reach Level 3 and VSA Amateur III

The basic Derby event flow is as follows:

  • Select a side – Once you’ve chosen a side, you can’t change your mind, so choose wisely.
  • For the event, form a team. When playing matches, using Alliance Players will offer you a greater Derby Score.
  • Earn Derby Score by playing VSA-style matches. Your event ranks will be determined by your Derby Score.
  • Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards. There are two leaderboards on which you will compete for prizes.
  • You will be awarded awards based on your position on both the cohort and worldwide leaderboards.
  • Completing tasks will get you even more money. Obtain bonus rewards by completing certain tasks during the event.

Choose a Side

You can join either the Orange Alliance or the Blue Alliance in the Main Chapter. Which set of group awards you are eligible for depends on which side you choose. Remember that once you’ve chosen a side, you can’t change your mind, so choose wisely.

In addition, the winning alliance’s event players will be upgraded to premium editions.

Build a team

You will gain more Derby Score every win if you use Alliance Players. Alliance players are those who participate in a given event. Here’s a full breakdown of how Alliance players effect your Derby Score in each match:

Players Derby Score
0 10
1 12
2 14
3 18
4 25
5 35
6 50
7 50
8 50
9 50
10 50
11 50

And here is a list of the Derby players for the two Alliances:

Blue Alliance Players
FIFA Mobile Blue Alliance
Orange Alliance Players
FIFA Mobile Orange Alliance
Play matches, earn Derby Score and get ranked rewards

You will compete on 2 leaderboards for prizes:

  • The Alliance Leaderboard is determined by the colour Alliance you select. You’re up against a group of up to 250 other users in this game.
  • The Global Leaderboard is made up of everyone who takes part in the competition. Regardless of Alliance, you compete against everyone.

Here is the list of Global rewards:

FIFA Mobile Global Rewards

And the list of Alliance rewards:

FIFA Mobile Alliance Rewards

In the Alliance Leaderboards, you’ll face 250 other individuals who choose the same colour as you. As an example. On your Alliance Leaderboard, if you choose Orange, you’ll be up against 249 other players who also chose Orange. Only Orange Players will be included in your ranked awards for the Alliance Leaderboard.

The Global Leaderboard compares you to everyone else who is participating in the event. This can result in either Blue or Orange Players as a reward.

Complete Quests

Finally, there are quests to accomplish in order to earn more rewards. You can gain the following by fulfilling certain goals or milestones during the event:

FIFA Mobile Quests

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  1. why is it possible to earn 2 times the same player which is at least not tradeable?
    I finished all quest today and absolute enthusiastic to get my 4. player and then such failure ….. ruins the whole motivation

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