FIFA Mobile – Summer Showdown

FIFA Mobile Summer Showdown

Summer Showdown event in FIFA Mobile is available from 18th to 24th September 2019. This event is an Exhibition type event, where you play Matches and Skill games and Matches to earn rewards.

  • Event: Summer Showdown
  • Type: Exhibition
  • Duration: September 18th to September 24th
  • Energy Type: Beach Energy (Refreshes 1 Beach Energy per hour)
  • Unlock: Reach XP level 3

To play this event, you need to drive your “Bus” to each skill game and match. Your bus is fuelled by Beach Energy. Beach Energy is refilled by 1 every hour and can also be earned by watching ads.

Complete Events to earn Beach Tokens. These can be spent in the Beach party chapter to earn players and skill boosts. You can even earn more rewards from the Goals chapter by scoring goals anywhere in the game. The more you score, the better rewards you get.

There are 3 chapters in the Summer Showdown event:


In the Exhibition chapter, you will spend your Beach Energy to play a combination of Skill Games and Matches as your bus progresses down the path earning you Beach Tokens as you successfully complete each challenge. After completing the journey, you claim a bonus reward of 4 Beach Tokens, and then your path resets. Here are the energy costs as well as rewards:

FIFA Mobile Summer Showdown

Beach Party

In the Beach Party chapter, you will spend your beach tokens for the Beach Party offer, which will reward you with one of 8 player offers. Each offer costs 25 Beach Tokens to pull, and after claiming a player for the first time, the offer will then switch to a skill boost offer. You can only claim each player once. Additionally, if you claim 10 Beach Party offers, you will get a Super Summer Logo reward! Here are the players available to be claimed:

FIFA Mobile Summer Showdown


In the goals chapter, you will be rewarded for scoring goals anywhere within the game! Here are the various rewards available:

FIFA Mobile Summer Showdown


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