FIFA Mobile – Oktoberfest

FIFA Mobile Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest is coming to FIFA Mobile on 24 September 2019 (6pm UK). This event is a Free Kick event type where you can play matches, skill games, and then direct Free Kicks to gain rewards.

  • Type: Free Kick
  • Duration: September 24th to October 1st (8 Days)
  • Event Energy Type: Field Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Here is the basic event flow:

  • Play matches and skill games in the Field Chapter to earn Hunter Tokens.
  • Use Hunter Tokens in the Pretzel Hunt Chapter to earn Pretzel Points.
  • Spend Pretzel Points to claim prizes


There are three chapter in Oktoberfest event:


In this chapter, you can play matches and skill games earning Hunter Tokens points. Upon reaching the end of a path, you will reset to a new path. Here’s a list of the challenge types, as well as costs and rewards:

FIFA Mobile Oktoberfest

Pretzel Hunt Chapter

In this Chapter, you can spend your Hunter Tokens to score Free Kicks. Each target on the goal map can be revealed using a Hunter Token, and will reward either a Pretzel Point or a Burnt Pretzel. There are 12 Pretzel Points and 3 Burnt Pretzels buried on each map. If you get 3 Burnt Pretzels before clearing the entire map, the map will reset.

If you are able to get a 12 goal streak, you will be rewarded with an 82 OVR player plus a User Logo.

Rewards Chapter

After earning Pretzel Points you can exchange them for various rewards here in the Rewards Chapter. All rewards must be claimed in order. Here’s a list of the rewards you can earn.

FIFA Mobile Oktoberfest

And here is a list of all the players for the event:

FIFA Mobile Oktoberfest


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