FIFA Mobile Attack Mode – Season 3

FIFA Mobile Season 3

The Season 3 in FIFA Mobile Attack Mode starts on March 15, 2017. EA Sports says that they have one more change (additional to the changes that came to Season 2) to carry out as FIFA Mobile Attack Mode enters the Season 3.

EA is adjusting where players started when a new season begins. This is something that EA wanted to do for Season 2 but time constraints prevented them from doing it in time. Depending on where you finish Season 2, this is where you will start in the Season 3:

Rank in Season 2
Where You Finished
Rank in Season 3
Where You Start
Number of Fans You Start With in Season 3
Amateur III Amateur III 0
Amateur II Amateur II 1800
Amateur I Amateur I 4000
Pro III Pro III 7500
Pro II Pro III 12500
Pro I Pro II 17500
World Class III Pro II 350000
World Class II Pro I 500000
World Class I Pro I 1,000,000
Legendary III World Class III 1,500,000
Legendary II World Class II 2,000,000
Legendary I World Class II 5,000,000
FIFA Champion World Class I 10,000,000

This is the only change EA made for Season 3, which concludes at the end of the March. You can write your ideas and feedback on FIFA Mobile at FIFA Mobile Wishlist page.


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