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FIFA 11 Bug / Career Mode
Reported by: John Branch
Every so often whether I’m on career mode or just team management on the main menu I click on squad and then half the players on the pitch are goalkeepers and they have ridiculus ratings like -41983. Straight away the game freezeff s and all I can do is turn the xbox off and know that it will happen again at the most annoying time. When this happens on Career Mode it usually messes up the career mode forever, every time i try to go on that career the xbox freezes.

FIFA 11 Bug / AI
Reported by: Chris Bird
The CPU teams keeper got sent off, but in the replay theatre at the end of the game he was wearing the green outfield shirt instead of his yellow one:

FIFA 11 Bug / General
Reported by: Chris Bird
I have only played Career Mode as an individual player and your team mate AI is awful. Basically all attacking players do is run straight into defenders or try to do a trick move at the worst time. Here is just one example:

The players never seem to be in the right position either as they will stand in your way or follow you instead of moving into space. If you play a through ball into an open space towards the corner flag an attacker will get to the edge of the box and just jockey instead of running to the ball.

Defensive players are far too strong and just push your players out of the way especially from goal kicks or free kicks and if you tackle them they always react quickest or the ball will stick to them as if they have velcro boots.

Basically the Career Mode Be a Pro gets tedious because of these problems as you can never score. Virtually all matches end up being 0-0 or 1-0. I have played 350 matches and only scored 170ish goals and about 50 of those are from penalties as I have handballs turned on.

This happens about ever 20 or so matches when the goalie takes a goal kick but freezes for 10-15 seconds and then just spoons it up to the edge of the box:

This happened the other day when I put a cross in for my striker and handball wasn’t even given:

Other bugs I have noticed is when you check “Other Leagues” they are not consistant especially near the end of the season. You could check 1 week t osee wha twas happening and then check back the next week and teams have 10 or so points more or less than they did the following week. The Scottish Premier League has this problem worse as when it does the end of season spilt it never plays the fixtures and stays at 0 games played so Aberdeen and Celtic always get into the Champions League, Rangers are no where to be seen. All of this after David Rutter was bragging about this feature and they realism and believabilty of it on a video he did in September (at about 1min 40 secs):

I had a similar problem when I was playing as the L.A. Galaxy in the MLS. I finished the season in 4th place in the Western Conference with 41 points:

New England finished 5th in the Eastern Conference with 35 points:

But New England were in the playoffs and I wasn’t even though I had 6 more points (Houston even had more points than New England):

FIFA 11 Bug / Online Play
Reported by: Glenn Wilson
Can you please help, i bought this game on release date, i even queued up for it at midnight to find that i’m unable to play it online, can someone help? I’ve recorded what happens, heres link to video I Freeze around the 2 minute mark if you wanna fast forward it a bit, when i freeze and come back i’m in a totally different game to my friends that i was playing with before.

FIFA 11 Bug / General
Reported by: m7ammad jafall
Arena Bugs:
1- field becomes black or too shadowed
2- you see the player and the goalie standing together in the midfield circle
3- kaka is wearing the VP’s kit

ONLINE 1 vs 1 :
1- so much time to find a match .. then you find an opponent, but at my section it says ” waiting for opponent ” … how can it be waiting for me !!!
2- freeze even if opponent is found

1- the worst bug ever ——-> I’M PLAYING WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S PROOOOOOOOOOOOO … are you kidding me ???
2- club page freeze and sometimes it kicks you out and you can’t enter club page
3- recently (today) formation on club page is shifted and the positions don’t show, instead it says (unde) and if i put on ST it shows that i put ready on GK
4- also today, servers were ugly … we find a game .. then click ready .. when all are ready .. it freezes !!

FIFA 11 Bug / Career Mode
Reported by: Rico Cruz
There are 2 bugs I have noticed while playing Arsenal in Career Mode. The first bug is that despite winning both the FA cup and League cup my domestic cup total does not increase. Also there was one instance where a game that I was supposed to play had it’s scheduled changed and no game appeared on the calendar. However on that date, it brought me to a non-existent game screen. Luckily i was able to reload the game and simulate pass the date without any problems, but it did cause my game to freeze initially.

FIFA 11 Bug
Reported by: Steven Bramhall
During player manager mode one of my players was on the pitch in two different positions, as i tried to move one of them the player turned into a goal keeper with -148 overall and then the game will sometimes crash. Also if i dont move him then the computer will put out a random team but during a game there will be one player missing. The missing player will then only come on if the computer makes a substitute. This has happened with a few different manager modes i have created.

FIFA 11 Bug / PS3 / Goal Keeper
Reported by: Schahryar Fekri
Sometimes, the goalie tries to catch the ball after ball goes into net or out and rolls back to the pitch. I think the AI system on keeper is still active even after the ball is not in play ball is on the pitch. Please check this video and see goal keeper’s reaction after the ball goes into goal and rolls back to the field:

FIFA 11 Bug / PS3 / General
Reported by: Behlul Nergiz
Following are the bugs I encountered while playing Fifa 11 on PS3:
– In online, after playing with Bayern Munich I selected Real Madrid in the second match. In team selection menu I tried to swap Kaka with Ozil than all team appeared to change as Bayern Munich. Now it was Real Munchen!
– I scored an own goal with Terry with a header but the scorer on the table was the corner kick taker. It was not a tiny touch, Terry obviously directed the ball towards the goal.
– During the career (player + manager), I selected Chelsea. During the half of first season I made a tactical change and saved that tactic. Then, in the line up menu I saw that Drogba and Anelka disappeared from the game. They were replaced by some players with no name with stats like 134 and -1. Now I can’t continue my career due that bug. Half of my team is gone!! Besides I experienced same bug in Fifa 10 as well!!
– I loaded chants for a team. During gameplay the sound mutes for like a second, then the next chant begins
– I do not know if it is a bug but during online gameplay most of players run away before the game ends and that score does not count for my stats (in the menu where u compare urself with friends).

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  1. I encountered this glitch while playing Career Mode on my PS2.
    In the international friendly matches, my form rating is 10.0 but still i never selected in the team… all the players are GOALKEEPERS! Can you imagine 11 goalies in 1 TEAM!!
    I never get to play international games… please tell me if there‚Äôs any fix…

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