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What additions should be included in the next version of FIFA Manager? Which ones should it not have? How should be next version o FM?

What bugs were there in FIFA Manager 07 and previous versions? Which FIFA Manager version was the best, and why? Fill out the form below with your FIFA Manager 08 ideas, thoughts, concepts, and feedback. EA Sports / Bright Future developers will receive your FIFA ideas, suggestions, and comments. Be sure that the FM developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA fans.

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  1. i really need help in fifa manager 07..i need 2 kno hw cn i obtain de license 2 cont de nxt season..becoz everytym i was banned frm signing players for nxt season becoz fail in some licenmse appeal or wt??..hw 2 fix this

  2. It’s really annoying 2 see that no Indian Players,clubs,league…and info is provided right…..this games has been a huge hit in India…..Information of some good players of India must be Provided….Maybe about…Sunil Chettri(who was recently selected in trials at Queen Park Rangers) and Shubrato Paul(Who s probably the best keeper in Asia)…..Just think abt it…. these 2 players have been at their peak as India won the ASian Federation CUp beat Syria.

  3. please add the iranian league in as it is a very huge sport in the middle east and other parts of the world. Persian Power

  4. This is my opinion concerning new fifa competion,i am a nigerian age 27 male,advice fifa to start a competion with the humans of short in hieght nature[the DWARF] .I THINK THIS WILL MAKE THEM TO FEEL AS NORMAL HUMAN BEING,IT WILL ALSO GENERATE FINANCES FOR THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY AND HILARIOUS COMPETION. FOR INFOR CONTACT THE E-MAIL ABOVE

  5. Hi,
    Im playin fifa mager since 2005 *ttm.
    I really like to help out with this thing.U can add macedonian league,and i can help with lots of infos like team squads,fixtures,cups,player and pictures.
    Macedonian is better rankin than Luxembourgh and other countries.
    Also Serbia,Croatia,Albania most of the players they arent real,my suggestion is to send some people and get real infos and pictures.
    I can help you with that too of course if u can pay my traveling,i can give you all infos u need to know.
    Let me know if i can Help you out.Thanx.

  6. whenever i play fifa manager09 in the end of the year i m fired..althought i won all of the title an everything.. my fanicial status was normal and fine but because i had an unconditional licence i got fired every single time..i really dont know i hope u can answer my question…also i hope if it possible put iranien teams with the original palayers in the new version….

  7. hey i actually think you should make fifa soccer 08 in gamecube version since alot of people dont have alot of money they buy gamecubes and mostly everyone likes soccer so if you make it a gamecube version to your most likely to make more money

  8. hello there im iranian and wanna play with irans leage teams in the best game of the world so please add our leage

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  10. please add Iranian leage in fifa 08 . Iranian leage is intersting and exciting .
    thanks for your game .
    RED is best team

  11. I see no use in making the uae league playable if the players arent real!
    improving the uae league would be grand..
    gd luck

  12. hii friends.plsss can u send me nintendo ds to me.plssssss i need it.
    golden age school, 15072,
    accra north.

  13. Hey i think you should add for Fifa 2009 the A-league or The national league in New Zealand. It would be something knew and more kiwis may buy it if they can get there fav teams and players. Cheers

  14. i think the players stats gets too high…
    example– by 2010 kalou, rafinha, ribery will have almost all 99s
    it doesnt make sense

    i think Fifa 09 should make sure that the stats for all players shud be realistic
    for example-

    ROBINHO- age 22
    pass- 76
    Shot power-81
    shot accuracy-87

    Age 28
    Shot power 84
    Shot accuracy-91

  15. Does anyone know how to get the cooperation agreements with other teams? I am already at 2009, and still don;t see any team interested in that…Thanks

  16. After the 2nd patch for Fifa Manager 08 I can say that everything is almost perfect. I noticed some little bugs like a score of 255-255 in the past between Sunderland (me) & Aston Villa (PC). Some mentions to Club_ instead of real club’s name in the Sun news etc. But my biggest question of all is why you don’t keep the badges of previous games to the new releases!!! It’s so weird ‘cos you’ve made in the past so u could just import them to the new. I understand it’s difficult for the kits ‘cos they are changing every year almost, but not for the badges.

    As u know the sales are big enough in Europe. So u could check the UEFA club rankings in order to simulate the top 15 at last leagues. Not in the stadium section but in roster, kits and badges. For example Austria is 22nd right now. You have full details for its league. Greece is 15th and u have the kits and badges of only 2 clubs. Last year were 3!

    I’d like to mention that the given names of some clubs are really annoying. L. Plovdiv, S. Bucurest, and many many more. It’s better to mention Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Steaua Bucurest etc I mean the club name is most important to be visible!

    Finally 99% of the greek teams names are wrong. And about 80% of the kits. If you need any help for the greek league, please feel free to mail me.

  17. Please put “”””Pablo Ramirez & Jesus Barcamontes”””” there the best narrators for Univision for the 2009 FiFA Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love fifa 08, I love manager mode i think its great but one thing I think it needs is the ability for the manager to be called up to do national coaching.
    For example if you get 7/8 manager points then you are offered the job to coach your national team, you would have to step down from club coaching and then have the job of picking an England team only 3 from each team, with no limitations (except trying to steal the foreign stars), the nation the manager would be coaching would be based upon the natioanlity of the manager that is selected at the primary stage, when choosing a manager.

  19. watch the match as the first person from the bench and use the arrow to make the manager walk around the the bench or walk out of the field or wawlk throug the tunnel

  20. I know what i am about to say is not suppose to be here but i have been looking this kind of opportunity and now God as made my see. I will like if FIFA our any body to help me find a club in any country i am a boy of 17yrs who live in Nigeria and play football very well i play this position ion the field “Striker” i will be greatfull if anybody out there can help me out. If u a good samarian and u feel like helping me i will answer any of ur question send to my box and ant detail u send to me i will reply back “[email protected]. I am very happy to see this opportunity it come but once in a life time. Pls help me out !!!!

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