Interview with David Neumann

FIFPlay had a chance to interview EA Germany Marketing Manager, David Neumann … here you can know this Frankfurter boy better:

David, would you please introduce yourself for FIFPlay fans and tell us what do you exactly do for EA?
David Neumann: My name is David Neumann, 31 years old, originally from the area of Frankfurt, Germany. I work in the Online Marketing Department of EA Germany for 2.5 years now and I am responsible for the main portal as well as the FIFA and Need For Speed Franchises. We also have another community portal about entertainment in general – called T(EA)M – and I am working with this community as well.

You’re surely a Football fan, what is your favourite club?
David Neumann: Of course, I am fan of the one and only Eintracht Frankfurt, my hometown club. This year we made it into the UEFA-Cup group phase as one of only two German teams! But we’re in the hardest group of all, facing Fenerbace Istanbul, Celta de Vigo, US Palermo and Newcastle United. Anyway, it’s good to be back on the international stage.

Since when you are a FIFA fan?
David Neumann: I play FIFA since “FIFA 98 Road To World Cup”, but have been playing football games since Commodore Football, Kickoff, Microprose Soccer, Sensible Soccer and even before all of that some really weird Texas Instruments Computer game named Indoor Soccer. So I was into football computer games right from the start.

Is there any local FIFA tournament/cup at EA Germany?
David Neumann: Yes, we had a world cup tournament shortly before the real World Cup took place in Germany. I played France and took revenge for their defeat in the final before that even happened 🙂

How important are FIFA & FIFA Manager Fansites for EA? How does EA support FIFA Fansites – does EA promote its FIFA at Fansites?
David Neumann: Fansites are usually made by our most loyal fans and therefore they are very important to us. We try to help wherever possible. The FIFA Manager team does an even harder work in integrating the communities. For example, they invite the most active community leaders to Cologne and present to them all the new features before the public sees them.

If you were the producer for FIFA, which features you would put on the next version of FIFA?
David Neumann: I do not have one big new feature in mind, but would rather build up on the many improvements of FIFA 07 Current Gen. Also: Build up on the Interactive Leagues if they prove successful.

If you have played the new FIFA you can e.g. feel the improvements in ball physics and defence. I think we did a big step forward this year in terms of game improvements and I would follow that path.

Which type of music is your favourite … which band/music you think should be in EA Traxx for the next version of FIFA?
David Neumann: I listen to guitar-oriented music, mostly punk (mostly German) and metal, but can also be as soft as folk or Country. Better known artists I hear are My Chemical Romance, Slayer, My Bloody Valentine, Bright Eyes, Johnny Cash.

I think the FIFA soundtrack is very balanced for the huge audience the game is facing. Our music department tries to feel the rhythm of the game and to explore new bands to capture this rhythm. The FIFA soundtrack is a highlight every year and every football fan at EA looks forward to the selection. I think they do a great job!

Which league (Australian, Argentinean, Iranian or Russian) you would select for the next FIFA and why?
David Neumann: Honestly: I do not really care, as I wouldn’t play with them. If I had to pick one of them, it would probably be the Argentinean league, because Argentina stands for a very intense interpretation of the Football spirit. I’ve been there, and they REALLY take football seriously & passionately! But all in all, I think FIFA has such an overwhelming number of licensed teams and leagues, that I personally do absolutely not miss any more clubs.


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