How to Prepare for FIFA 23 Shapeshifters

Shapeshifter Preparation

FUT 23 is currently in full swing, and as any seasoned player knows, events such as the Shapeshifters are critical for improving your FUT club. These events introduce unique, improved cards to the game, adding an extra element of excitement and competition.

FIFA 23 Shapeshifter event is coming to FUT on 16th June and now it’s time to be ready and make the most of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating and succeeding in this event.

Understanding the Shapeshifters Event

Before getting started, it’s critical to comprehend the Shapeshifters event. During this event, unique cards for specific players are released, dramatically enhancing their stats and frequently swapping their places, resulting in some very sought and potentially game-changing cards. The event usually has two teams of Shapeshifters that are launched one week apart.

Stockpiling Resources

Shapeshifters, like all special events in FUT, is powered by packs and SBCs. As a result, saving as much FIFA coins, FIFA points, and packs as possible is important. Remember that the more packs you open throughout the event, the more likely you are to find a Shapeshifters card.

Market Awareness and Investment

Shapeshifters have a significant impact on FUT’s in-game economy. The anticipation of the event frequently results in a ‘crash’ in the transfer market as players sell up their assets in order to acquire resources.

Understanding the FUT market trend can be beneficial. If you have high-priced players you want to get rid of, consider selling them before the market falls.

However, the crash provides a good opportunity to invest in players. Examine the market for undervalued players, purchase them during the crash, and sell them when their values recover following the event.

Predicting the Shapeshifters

While there is no way to forecast which players will receive a Shapeshifters card, prior trends can provide some indications. EA frequently selects players who are in good shape or who have been exceptional performances in their leagues. They also like footballers that can effectively transition into a different position.

Having an idea of prospective Shapeshifters in mind can help you make financial selections. Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), which typically need individuals from the same team or ethnicity, frequently increase the value of players tied to potential Shapeshifters.

Preparing for SBCs

SBCs are an important aspect of any FUT event, and the Shapeshifters event is no exception. Stock up on high-rated players and meta players from prominent leagues to prepare, as they are frequently essential in SBCs. To achieve the numerous SBC standards, you should also try to have a varied portfolio of players from various leagues and nationalities.

Squad Management and Gameplay

Make sure you’re satisfied with your squad’s structure and how they play before the event. If you pack a Shapeshifter card or obtain one from an SBC, you want to be able to smoothly integrate them into your team. This could imply having a versatile squad setup or backup players to respond to the new card’s position or league.

Practice your gameplay. Having a team with a high rating is just one aspect of success in FIFA 23. Mastering skills like tactical dribbling, accurate passing, and precise shooting can give you the edge in matches. Therefore, take the time to practice and hone your skills before the event and be ready to get into Rivals and FUT Champ matches so you can earn extra rewards from them.

Balancing Risk and Rewards

Finally, keep in mind that packing a Shapeshifter card is based on probability, and it is critical to strike a balance between risk and reward. While it may be tempting to spend all of your resources chasing these cards, it may be more prudent to diversify your resources and make strategic investments that will benefit you in the long run.

The buildup to the Shapeshifters event in FIFA 23 football game allows for strategic planning, wise investments, and, most importantly, a lot of fun. While packing Shapeshifters requires some luck, planning ahead of time can dramatically improve your odds of success. Good luck in the Shapeshifters event, and may the chances be ever in your favor.


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