Tips for FUT Birthday in FIFA 23

FUT Birthday Tips - FIFA 23

The FUT Birthday event is an annual celebration of FIFA Ultimate Team’s creation. It is a time when players from all over the world gather to celebrate the game and its community, as well as to take advantage of special rewards and activities. With new features and exciting prizes, this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Here are some pointers and tips to help you get the most out of the FUT Birthday event this year in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

Collect FUT Birthday Tokens

During the FUT Birthday event, players can earn FUT Birthday tokens by completing various in-game activities and challenges, opening packs and completing SBCs. Using these FUT Birthday Tokens you can redeem some FUT Birthday and campaign players.

So, check out the FUT Birthday token players and try to collect as many as you can during the event.

FUT Birthday Objectives

Keep an Eye on the Daily Objectives

There will be daily objectives that you can complete to earn rewards during the FUT Birthday event. Check them on a regular basis and try to complete as many as you can to earn special FUT Birthday awards and players.

Complete SBC Puzzles

Squad Building Challenges are a fun way to earn rewards and put your team-building skills to the test. Participate in as many as possible and try to complete them as quickly as possible to earn even more rewards.

Keep in mind that this year there are special FUT Birthday Icons such as Rivaldo you can get through FUT Birthday SBCs. So, don’t miss them out!

Look Out for Daily Special Players

During the event, there are daily content drops with special player items that are only available for a limited time. Keep an eye out for these items and try to incorporate them into your squad if possible. Check out the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday page for the latest content during the event.

Hunt for the SBC Fodders

Keep an eye on the SBC fodders that are low-rated or non-meta player cards to be used in SBCs since there are daily SBC drops during this event. Try to predict the possible incidents and be ready to buy SBC fodder players.


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