FIFA 22 – How to Customise your FUT Stadium

FUT Stadium

Stadiums in FUT 22 are customization. When you start playing FUT 21 and create your club, you will receive your basic setup FUT Stadium as your default stadium. In FUT 22, you can change your stadium to any of the other available stadiums in FIFA 22 and customise its theme and style by using the FUT Stadium feature.

Here is a quick guide on how to do the customisation in FUT stadium.

How to Access and Edit your Stadium

To edit and customise your Stadium in FUT 22, you just need to switch the FUT screen tab to CLUB (press L1/L2 or LB/LT) and then select the STADIUM option. Once you are in FUT Stadium section, you will be able to customise it for the following options.


This is where you can customise your match related items as your:

  • Club Badge
  • Badge
  • Home Kit
  • Away Kit
  • Ball
  • Player Celebration
  • Club Nickname
  • Club Anthem
  • Crowd Chant
  • Goal Song


Using this option you can edit items related to your stadium structure such as:

  • Stadium Template
  • Stadium Theme
  • Stadium Colour
  • Seat Colour


User this menu to personalise your stadium stands.

  • Home End Center
  • Home End Background
  • Mid Stand Lower
  • Mid Stand VIP
  • Broadcast Stand Lower


Use this option to change items related to your ground pitch:

  • Goal Net Colour
  • Goal Pyrotechnics


Here you can place your club trophies and the sides of your stadium.

  • Home End Trophy
Edit FIFA 22 Stadium

In order to change each item, make them active/inactive or assign new items to them, just select the items you would like to customise, then the system will show you the available cards in your club for that item. Next, you can select the listed items, make them active for take other actions. You can also do a manual search for each item.


How Can I unlock stadium slots that are locked?

Locked stadium slots can be unlocked by completing some FIFA 22 Objectives > Stadium Development I, Stadium Development II and Stadium Development III.

Where can I find stadium items?

Stadium items are available in the packs, on Transfer Market and can be also achieved as rewards.

Are stadium items tradeable?

Like the other FUT cards, Stadium items are available as trandeable and untradeable.

Why is my stadium not available in some matches?

Your stadium is only available when your playing matches in as home games. The away matches you play, will be played in your opponent’s stadium.

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