FIFA 22 Consumables

FIFA 22 Consumables

Consumables are applicable items in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that represent a usage for a Player Card, a Manager Card or an entire Squad. These items will improve, boost, modify or add a feature when applied to a Player or Manager card. A consumable card will be consumed and removed from your club when it’s applied to a Player/Manager card or a squad.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze are the three most frequent qualities of consumable cards. The following is a list of FIFA 22 consumable items:

Position Modifier

Position Modifier are applicable to player cards to modify their position to an appropriate one. Check out FIFA 22 Position Change Cards page for more info.

Chemistry Styles

Chemistry Style cards are applicable to player cards to boost one or all of their player attributes based on the player card’s and its team chemistries. Check out FIFA 22 Chemistry Style Cards page for more details.

Manager League

Manager League cards can be used to modify the league of a manager. Visit FIFA 22 Manager Leagues page for more details.


Contract cards can be used on manager or player cards to increase the amount of contracts they have. Check out FIFA 22 Contract Cards page for more details.


Healing cards are applicable to player cards to heal their players in case they are injured and banned from playing. Check out FIFA 22 Healing Cards page for more details.

Where to Find Consumable Cards?

Consumable items can be gained in FIFA 22 packs and can be gained as rewards. They also can be purchased from the Transfer Market, by searching under Consumable Items tab and choosing the Consumable Item Type.


Is it necessary for your club to have consumable items?

No, but to improve your squads and players and increase your players contracts, you will need to have consumable cards.

How many Consumable item cards can I keep in my club?

There is no limit; you can keep as many Consumable items as you want.

Where are my Consumable s stored and how can I see them?

The consumables you earn will be stored in your Club. To see and browse them, go to “My Club” tab on the FUT main screen and search for Consumables.

Is it possible to trade Consumable cards?

Yes, as long as the consumable cards are tradeable, they can be traded on the Transfer Market.

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