FIFA 20 Camera Settings

FIFA 20 Camera

FIFA 20 has 9 camera views which could be customised and set in Game Settings menu before and during a match. You are also able to change each camera’s height and zoom from the Game Settings menu. Below are the details for each camera in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Cameras


The default camera which shows the matches from the side with a long-range perspective.

Tele Broadcast

A Tele based camera which shows the matches from the side with a mid-range perspective similar to TV broadcast camera.


A camera which shows the matches from the side with a short-range perspective similar to TV camera.


A side view camera with a long-range perspective but similar to isometric projection. This camera is used for Co-op mode which gives you more perspective to see your other teammates in one frame. This camera is good for you if you’re into passing rather than dribbling.


The classic camera in FIFA which shows the matches from the side with a long-range perspective but with low height and close zoom.


A dynamic camera with a short-range isometric perspective with low height and close zoom. The focal point of this camera is strongly on the ball and it works better for people who are into dribbling.

End to End

The end to end camera shows the match from the back of the field (from one end to another) instead of side view. Similar to the bird’s eye view, this camera is projecting from top and it travels from one end to the other end following the match ball.


A side view camera which is located in the center of the field and only changes its viewing direction to follow the ball rather than moving the camera. Playing using this camera will give you dimensional angles depending on the location of the ball.

How to change and customise camera in FIFA 20

You can change and customise your camera view and angle from:

  • Match settings screen (before going to a match) > GAME SETTINGS > CAMERA
  • Pause menu (when playing a game) > SETTINGS > GAME SETTINGS > CAMERA


Don’t neglect the camera settings in the Game Settings menu. Each type of match has a customisable camera option with nine cameras to choose from. This lets you view the pitch and experience each match from a perspective that works for you.

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  1. khi vào trận đấu trên đầu câu thủ có hiện hướng dẫn nút bấm, vd như là nút vuông là sút, hướng dẫn mình tắt nó đi với ạ

  2. Plz let players lock the camera-angle. If I choose West Ham, London Stadium is perfect with Broadcast and settings 20 height, 0 zoom. Then next game, another arena…its a new angle, too close. So tired of switching camera all the time, had a tiny hope it would be better this year.

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