FIFA 16 FAQ – Frequently asked questions regarding EA Sports FIFA 16. Here we have the answers for you.

We will be updating the questions and answers as more details come out. Ask your FIFA 16 questions using the comments form below.

Is FIFA 16 available for free download?
No. Only FIFA 16 Mobile version is available for free download. You can only download FIFA 16 demo version for free. There might be some promotions to give you a chance to win a FIFA 16 free version.

How to buy and download FIFA 16?
Currently, you can order FIFA 16 from
FIFA 16 downloadable version is available on Origin for PC, on PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS4, Marketplace for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A free version of FIFA 16 will be available for mobile devices at iTunes and Google Play.

What are the benefits of pre-ordering FIFA 16?
By pre-ordering FIFA 16 you will get some additional in-game bonuses – depending on the edition you preorder. Here we have the complete details on FIFA 16 pre-order

Do I have to pre-order FIFA 16?
No, preordering FIFA 16 is not compulsory. But by preordering FIFA 16, you will be guaranteed that you receive your FIFA 16 copy on its release day or sometimes even earlier (as it most probably will be out of stock on that day). In the other hand, you will get FIFA 16 pre-order bonuses which are very useful especially if you are an Ultimate Team fan.

When is the deadline for FIFA 16 pre-order?
FIFA 16 pre-order deadline is due on the day before the release date.

Is it safe to install and play FIFA 16 crack version?
Playing FIFA 16 crack version isn’t legal. By installing FIFA 16 crack version you may also put your computer at risk since you install some additional scripts and apps on your computer written by hackers. Plus, FIFA 16 cracked versions won’t have the full features as its original’s such as online play and FUT mode.

Can I use one FIFA 16 CD-Key for more than one user account?
A FIFA 16 CD Key is only for one Origin user account on one platform and cannot be shared between two different accounts or one account on more than one platform.

Can I buy one FIFA 16 copy for all platforms?
No. To play FIFA 16 on each platform you need to buy a copy individually.

Can I carryover my FCC and XP from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16?
Yes, you will be able to transfer your XP and FCC from your FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 on all platforms if you use the same Origin account.

Is there a FIFA 16 Web App?
FIFA 16 Web App (Ultimate Team mode) is available at

Why FIFA 16 logo is red on some platforms but it is gold on some others?
FIFA 16 logo is color coded by its engine generation where red means Current-Gen and golden means Next-Gen. FIFA 16 logo in red color means the rendering engine for this version is current generation (Mobile, phones and Wii) and FIFA 16 logo in golden color means the engine is for next generation (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One).

What are FIFA 16 modes?
Here is a list of FIFA 16 game modes which are confirmed so far:

  • Kick Off
  • Match Day
  • Tournament Mode
  • Career Mode
  • Ultimate Team
  • Pro Clubs

Can women’s teams be played in all FIFA 16 modes?
No, women’s teams are only available to use in Match Day, Offline Tournament Mode, and Online Friendlies (Not available in FIFA Ultimate Team). For more details and questions regarding FIFA 16 Women’s Teams, read our FIFA 16 Women’s Teams FAQ.

Is there a FIFA 16 Manager game?
No, FIFA Manager franchise has been discounted after FIFA Manager 13, however there will be a manager career mode within FIFA 16 game.

Will UEFA Champions League be featured in FIFA 16?
No, FIFA 16 will not feature UEFA Champions League competitions.

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  1. I have an offer from Dortmund and Munich in player career. My player is 80 overall where to go. I am in Manchester city right now

  2. Can i just ask something, if i have ateam worth 200k, and i sell it now for 200k, how much would it cost me to buy it back again after the toty market crash?

  3. O bought a fifa16 edition with 15 fut gold packs bonus,I have not received one yet, I would appricate it FIFA of you could put them in my account or the coins needed to buy them.thank you for reading.
    P.s my psn is pamaxwell and I’m ps4

  4. Hey, I have bought the game, fifa 16, and I started a career mode in player mode and manager mode, but I cant find the new train option. Where is it. Could you help me plz.
    Thanks in advance

  5. I have a question, I currently have a player career on FIFA 13 (Xbox 360) and was wondering if I’d be able to transfer that career on to FIFA 16 while still keeping all the progress I’ve made. If this is possible, how would I do it?

  6. I have a question.I live in Japan and if I buy fifa 16 north america vrsion,can I still play it online?Is there any problem with the server?how about my EA account?

  7. Hello, I intend to pre-order Fifa 16 (first time ever), but before I do, I had 2 questions.

    If I place a pre-order for the physical disc at an EB Games store (XBox one version). I wanted to confirm that I will have the pre-order bonuses associated. For example, the standard edition offers 15 FUT gold packs. Or is that exclusive to downloads pre-orders?

    Also, in my xbox, there are 2 profiles: one for me and another for my brother. When my brother goes into fifa 16, will he be able to also benefit from the pre-order bonuses?

    That’s it for now. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jasmin,
      Depending on your pre-order edition (Standard, Deluxe or Super Deluxe) you will get the bonus which comes with the disc and will be associated to your Origin account. Each order will be available only for ONE single origin account, that means to get bonuses for two different accounts, you will need to pre-order two.

      The pre-order links and details are available at

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