FIFA 15 Soundtrack Wishlist

FIFA 15 Soundtrack

Write your music suggestion for EA Trax FIFA 15 Soundtrack

FIFA 14 songs are already revealed and you can listen to them at

Now you can write your music suggestions for FIFA 15 to show EA which songs and artists you would like to have in future FIFA 15 video-game.

You can post here your favorite songs and artists list including the Youtube links to their music clips. We will list the “most wanted” on this page to let EA developers know what FIFA fans would prefer to have in the next FIFA game.

Use the comment form given below to share your favorite list.

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1,049 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Soundtrack Wishlist

  1. I enjoyed a lot the song “John Newman-Love me again” included in Fifa 14.Could you include also in Fifa 15?

  2. Hi Guys

    With all of the great song options provided by this site I must say I’m a bit disappointed with the new soundtrack. Out of the tracks on the album I have only seen 7 or 8 songs that made it from here. I thought that the developers would have at least put in a bit more aggressive or pump up songs but no they have gone with slow boring songs again.

    Well thanks to everyone that put songs suggestions up on this form as I have found a great deal of songs I would have otherwise not known about.
    I blast most of them on the way to my Indoor games.

    1. The songs have a pretty upbeat tempo in my opinion, if you make them any crazier you’re getting into dubstep, which is not bad bad i guess, but not everyone likes that kind of music. Fifa does its best to put music on their that the fan base is going to like the most, not just the songs you enjoy. It’s everyone’s game and not just yours, so stop complaining and start appreciating.

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