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  1. The Transfer System is poor and unrealistic. Needs to be fixed.
    Player Growth is horrible.
    International teams should be added.
    Transfer Window should have a “Search by Country” option.
    “Rest of the World” Clubs should be brought back!!
    Improve the interface in Manager Mode.

  2. Create addons to fifa 12 with more divisions and teams from more countrys. Like sweden for example. I would buy it!

  3. They should make the marks above the player much bigger , its annoying if you play with more people you can’t see so good who is who !
    That would be a good thing if you could change it in the menu or something

  4. why not include international fixtures into manager modes such as euro and world cup qaulifiers while aslso controlling your club domesticaly i think that gamers would enjoy this feature if it was included.

  5. Apoel F.C should be included in the rest of the world. It has played twice in champions league. it kicked out slovan bratislava wisla krakow copenhagen and partizan. And now it won Zenit St. Petersburg. I believe it deserves a place in Rest of the World more than some other teams…

  6. Fifa 11 first in career mode (player) if the player’s fitness is down, should have a choice if he wants to play or not rather than the coach giving him orders to play. This should be implemented in Fifa 12.
    Also more African teams should be added like Nigeria and Ghana.This would be a huge improvement on Fifa 12.

  7. To be honest the career mode needs to be sorted out
    With players demanding cash and wanting to play more
    And when I tried to buy deco from fluminese it didn’t let me
    But I could of had him on a loan also can the fans chant players
    Name and when I’m always playing away there’s flags in the crowd
    But it would be nice to have home flags and u need to sort the volleys
    Coz when
    The commentator goes on the volley it’s no way near a volley
    And the stadiums. I’m a chelea fan I need to make other stadiums like wigans and stoke because when I play away to them
    The stadium is terrible

  8. FiFa 11 was a great game though one category that needs to be improved is the TRANSFER MARKET in Career Mode. The negotiation system needs to be better it needs to be more realistic. Firstly when you buy a player you should be able to select if you want to buy him permanantly or on a loan deal, also the prices for the elite players should be lowerd but the negotiation system needs to be ALOT better. Other Examples are their SHOULD be player + cash deals in a transfer or player + loan deals to bring another player in from a different club, and you should be able to buy a player after a loan deal ( In FIFA 11 it says “the player has recently transfered to the team and the club wont allow him to leave” after a loan deal. Realisticly in real life after a loan deal the club always has the option to purchase the player after the loan is complete if they think he has done well. Another major category that needs to be checked is the free agent list. In reality the free agent list ( Bosman List) is real big because not everyone wants to sign for their respective club so negotiations should be more thougher to pursuade the player to stay at his club at the end of the season. Anothr major problem was that when I scanned through the loan list I would only find youngsters and then when I would check what transfers other clubs made it would say ( David Luiz has sealed a loan deal to Liverpool) This is stupid because on the list it didnt indicate he was up for loan !


    way too many things wrong with the game to get into it……… “absolute tripe” hits the nail firmly on the head!!

    Frustratingly pointless……………senseless

  10. 1)Sprint Dribbling needs to be improved, just like ‘PES 11 Game’ because it brings realistic to game. So that gamers can use another way to beat opposite player.
    2)In FIFA 11 “BE A PRO” was quite boring. Make some interaction from players,managers after & before the match.
    3)Computer players needs to use more skills like,
    *Cristiano Ronaldo needs to use tricks skills.
    *Messi needs to use dribbling skills.
    4)Real “Press conference” needs to be included before a main event match and after the match(Spanish cup,etc). This will improve quality of ‘BE A PRO’ and also award presentation for ‘top scorer’.
    5)Computer player movements are predictable sometimes and also use a lot crosses. They need to play ‘passing game’ when cross not possible just like ‘Barcelona Team’.
    6)Manager reaction to every ball scored,missed,failed to tackle,red/yellow card,etc needs to bring in game. It also improves quality of game.

  11. 1. When taking free kicks from deep, if you pass it, all the players who are in the box all run out and back towards you instead of staying in there.
    2. Same with corners, you could pass it on a corner, and then all the players in the box just ran out. I think that needs to be changed.
    3. When playing as a lower league team, i did not like it how all the players are slower at running than higher teams, i think you probably get a lot more quicker players in the lower leagues, due to the more games they play, they have to be fitter. If you are a lower league club, speed should not be a factor, just shot accuracy, passing accuracy ect.
    4. Like what others have said, Transfers can be quite boring.
    5. Something that really annoys me is how fricking difficult it is to score a free kick, it would be good if you can make those a little easier on fifa12.

  12. the problems about Fifa 11 were that they didn’t have some of the world class stadiums, Fifa 12 should have all the stadiums in the EPL, what happened to the Portuguese league? Fifa 08 has all their stadiums but Fifa 11 doesn’t? and your be a pro player should be able to get subbed off if he isnt playing well, those small things can make a big difference, other than that Fifa is the best playsation game on this planet, God Bless you guys

  13. Biggest frustration is Pro Online where you have like 8 strikers all competing for the same position. The others that are unfortunate take up the leftover positions commonly defense and goalie (if they’re mad). What’s worse is not only does the team become substantially weaker, but it becomes a little league kickball game; i’d say i get this situation about 8 or 9 times out of 10. I wish FIFA would only allow players play w/ the same position instead of messing up everyone’s game and rating.

  14. sort out the lag in games , its a joke when playing as the same team you can not catch them running down the line.

  15. OK now I’ve had it. No one seems to want to say this, but after a year of playing FIFA 11 (yes I’m still playing), I’ve finally found it in me to say this;

    FIFA 11, and I mean this quite sincerely and literally, is the most STUPIDEST FIFA game ever.
    If EA dont stop messing with FIFA, I may have to turn to PES soon.

  16. Hope it’s not to late, there needs to be player lock. When your playing two players on the same team one should have the option to be just one player, and everyone else the other player. Like PES

  17. One thing that would make the game bettet would be adding south american tournaments like the copa libertadores and some south american leages like colombian,argentina,uruguayan leages. Cuz almost everyone in the south american continent love soccer and they deserve a chance to.

  18. i think that in fifa 12 there should be more detail as in you should be able to argue with the ref and also there should be a feature where you kick the ball away and get booked for it. another idea is jumping into the crowd or taking your players top off as a celebration and getting booked ..of course. Also as a member of a pro club i believe that the microphones when we go into to a match should be repaired as we cannot communicate even though we all have microphones. i think these suggestions will help enhance fifa

  19. Need some scottish football grounds. 2 bigest teams in scotland are of course cltis and rangers. Having Celtic Park and Ibrox in the game would make it pretty damn good.

  20. a idea to improve was that the linesman’s should be more realistic ,like in real football the linesmans wouldnt see it if was only a tiny bit off ,like really hard to see and so in fifa they shouldnt call it offside if its just the most tinniest bit off it should be only called off when its realistic enough to see cause sum of the decisions that were off were ridiculous and would be impossible to see even sometimes i couldnt see it so im saying you should make the linesman’s decisions more realistic

  21. I would like a legends mode where all the greatest players of past decades are included. In games such as Fight Night you can play as Muhamed Ali or George Foreman so why cant Fifa do something similiar.

  22. 1) make the players look more big,because it hurts the eye
    2) transfer activity in manager mode should be more realistic
    3)players should look more realistic
    4)responsiveness has to be better
    5)there should be referee in matches
    6) commentatory must improve,with new voice and new talks
    7)more international teams must be added,especially african teams like ghana and cote d’voire

    thanks and the game would be more interesting and popular if u can make it according to the demand 🙂

  23. One thing which which bugged me in ’11 was when I had a player on loan for a season, and wished to either sign him proper, or get him on loan again for the next season. At the earliest opportunity I had I would try, and he’s already been sold. There should be an option towards the end of his loan with you.

    Also, I would be cool to know when players are going to retire. I was playing Manager mode with Fulham, and Danny Murphy was my playmaker, but I found he retired unannounced after my first season.

    Other than that, keep it up, Fifa ’11 was a real achievement, can’t wait until ’12 with the new physics system and improved AI.