Interview with Ladytron

Ladytron, a British Electropop / New Wave quartet formed 1999 in Liverpool. They have produced remixes for bands like Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Blondie and Goldfrapp. Their song ‘Runaway’ has been featured in FIFA 09.

FIFA 11 will be featuring Ladytron this year. This will be the second time Ladytron has collaborated with FIFA game.

Thanks to Artwerk Music Studio, FIFPlay had the opportunity to meet with Reuben to ask him some questions …

FIFPlay: How and when did the collaboration between Ladytron and FIFA first come about?
Reuben: The collaborations first happened when we signed to Nettwerk who have a relationship with EA Games. we’ve had music on a few of the other games as well, for example The Sims and The Need for Speed Carbon

FIFPlay: Do you guys play video-games? What are your favorites games and is anyone of you a pro gamer?
Reuben: I used to play Legend of Zelda obsessively when I was at school. I pulled a sickie and did the whole thing in one day on one life.Later on I played Grand Theft Auto but only as a method of combating boredom on the tourbus. My favourite game ever is probably Elite, one of the first games which had wireframe 3d graphics with hidden line removal, for the BBC Micro computer.

FIFPlay: Have you ever gotten feedback from a gamer who became a fan of Ladytron after hearing your songs in a game?
Reuben: It happens a lot! It’s a great way to introduce people to the band. You get an automatic association which do not get in other applications of music. A bit like how music used to remind you of certain times of your life in ways memory couldn’t.

FIFPlay: Have you ever considered writing a song especially for FIFA or any other video game?
Reuben: We did already for the Sims. We’d love to do more though!

FIFPlay: Do you support any football team? Who are your favorite footballers?
Reuben: Danny’s the big football supporter. He’s a proper LFC fan.


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