Interview with Pint Shot Riot

FIFPlay had a chance to chat with Baby Dave, a member of UK-band Pint Shot Riot whose “Not Thinking Straight” track will be featured in FIFA 10, to talk about their association with EA / Artwerk, and the FIFA video-game:

How did your involvement with EA and Artwerk begin?

Baby Dave: They were looking for a British band when one of their associates found us and put us in contact with them. The first we knew of the interest was when our manager told us about it and we were all really excited at the chance to get involved.

Are you all big fans of FIFA? Do you play it at home? If yes, which platform?

Baby Dave: Yes most of us play a bit when we get the chance. I got quite into Fifa ’09 on the Wii, also on the Xbox 360 but a lot of my friends still play ’08 on Xbox live so I play a lot of that too.

Which was the first version of FIFA that you ever played?

Baby Dave: Well, that was a long time ago now but I think it would be about ’96 on the playstation or mega drive? I’ve played so many different versions it ‘s a bit of a blur but I seem to remember Paul Scholes on the cover?

Which football team do you support? And which teams do you select when playing FIFA?

Baby Dave: I support Coventry City, I like Milan, Barca and Man U. Bit obvious but they’re the ones with the most quality players.

Do you play any other video games besides FIFA?

Baby Dave: Yeah I’m quite into UFC undisputed and also NHL ’09 at the moment, and I’m just getting into FN4.

Have you had the chance to play FIFA 10 yet? If so, what do you think of the game?

Baby Dave: I wish! No not yet but I have high hopes it is going to be yet another improvement.

Have you ever written a song about football or the FIFA videogame? Are there plans for this in future?

Baby Dave: Not specifically but we write about all the things we see around us so we have been inspired by the culture that surrounds football and football supporters.

FIFPlay: Do you have any suggestions for EA producers for the next FIFA game that you’d like to put on

Baby Dave: I think E.A do a top job as it is so just keep up the good work!


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