Interview with Datarock

FIFA 10 will be featuring Norwegian dance-rockers, Datarock. This will be the fourth time Datarock has collaborated with FIFA.

Thanks to Artwerk Music Studio, FIFPlay had the opportunity to meet with frontman Fredrik Saroea for some one-on-one questions…

FIFPlay: How did your partnership with EA / Artwerk start?
Fredrik: A guy working for EA in Norway sent Steve Schnur a few of our tracks, he dug it and sought us out. EA came to us in other words, and I’m extreemely happy they did.

FIFPlay: Do you play FIFA? What other games do you play?
Fredrik: I’ll be the first to admit we’re not the worlds biggest gamers, but we try to check out all games our tracks are plugged into – 17 all together – and FIFA is one of our absolute.

FIFPlay: What football team do you support an who is your favourite player?
Fredrik: Well, the local team of course, BRANN in Bergen, Norway, and coming from Bergen the typical team to support abroad is Manchester United so we grow a fondness for that team from our early childhood, you know. Favorite player though was Zinédine Zidane, but right now I’m not quite sure…

FIFPlay: Do you have any plans to write a song centred around football in the future?
Fredrik: One day we’ll write a song for BRANN!

FIFPlay: Have you gotten any new fans from your work with FIFA?
Fredrik: The current single “True Stories” was initially presented in FIFA ’09, and that’s really how we initiated the whole new album “RED”. Because of the fact that FIFA has such a huge following the track got spread around the world by fans of the game – not DATAROCK fans to begin with but gamers spreading the word. So I’d say, yes, that’s clearly our impression.

FIFPlay: FIFA 10 will be the fourth FIFA game which features your song. That is quite an honour. What are the qualities you have that makes you a great choice for EA?
Fredrik: An honour indeed, I totally agree. I have absolutely no idea of course, but perhaps it’s something about the way we’re trying to combine the late seventies and early eighties with the sound of the present – trying to combine somewhat classic songwriting with an all modern style. And then of course the fact that our songs just keep
getting better…

FIFPlay: Do you have a suggestion for the next edition of FIFA to, what it would be?
Fredrik: A full on DATAROCK team! It would automatically come in first in all team ratings, including chemistry, of course.

FIFPlay: What are some of your other hobbies?
Fredrik: To ever so often play soccer for real.


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