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FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes in FIFA Ultimate Team are special player cards for select retired heroic footballers to represent their unforgettable moments that turned them into fan favourites.

These cards are for retired heroic footballers who could not get an Icon player card but deserve to get an exclusive player item. FUT Hero cards' overall ratings are usually below 90. Sillier to FUT Icons, FUT Heroes have no club assigned to their cards.

FUT Hero Captains

An additional revision of FUT Heroes with 90+ overall rating is available as FUT Hero Captains card for select FUT Hero players who were either captain or vice-captain during their career. These cards are revealed and available during the FUT Captains promo campaign.


FUT Heroes first appeared on Friday, 1st of October 2021 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team as brand-new player cards for retired footballers. As a purchasing offer, users were able to get a random FUT Hero player by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 game.

FUT Heroes Chemistry

FUT Heroes do not belong to any club, but they still follow the FUT chemistry system based on leagues and nationalities of their teammates. FUT Hero's league has the first priority in terms of chemistry matching, followed by their nationality. The table below explains how chemistry work for FUT Hero players.

Chemistry Same League Same Nationality

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