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FUT Captains

FUT Captains is a promo event in FIFA Ultimate Team which features FUT Captain players, the player cards that are for national team skippers past and present with boosted rating and stats as in two type cards, FUT Captains for present select team captains or vice-captains and FUT Hero Captains for retired select heroic captains or vice-captains.

FUT Hero Captains

FUT Hero Captains are improved versions of select FUT Heroes who have served as captains or vice captains in their past careers. All FUT Hero Captains have upgraded stats, a new profile story based on their Captain moment, a new item design, and a new action shot (aka. dynamic image).


FUT Captains first appeared on Friday, 8th of April 2022 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team as a new promo event with brand-new upgraded player cards. FUT Captains promo campaign was running for two weeks from 8 to 15 April.

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