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Chemistry Styles

A Chemistry Style card is a consumable item in FIFA Ultimate Team that can be applied to a Player to change their style of play by increasing a set number of their attributes. Chemistry Style cards will change a player's Chemistry Style permanently until another Chemistry Style is applied to that card. A player card with Chemistry Style will have the best effect when the player's individual Chemistry is 100.


Chemistry Style cards come in different types based on their style of play. Here is the list of Chemistry Style cards:

Chemistry Style Category Distibutions
Basic (BAS) Basic
Hunter (HUN) Attacking (Special)
Sniper (SNI) Attacking
Finisher (FIN) Attacking
Deadeye (EYE) Attacking
Marksman (MRK) Attacking
Hawk (HWK) Attacking
Catalyst (CTA) Midfield (Special)
Artist (ART) Midfield
Architect (ARC) Midfield
Powerhouse (PWR) Midfield
Maestro (MAE) Midfield
Engine (ENG) Midfield
Shadow (SHA) Defending (Special)
Sentinel (SEN) Defending
Guardian (GRD) Defending
Gladiator (GLA) Defending
Backbone (BAC) Defending
Anchor (ANC) Defending
Wall (WAL) Goalkeeper
Shield (SLD) Goalkeeper
Cat (CAT) Goalkeeper
Glove (GLO) Goalkeeper
GK Basic (BAS) Goalkeeper