FIFA 07 Glitches & Bugs

Have you found any bug or glitches in FIFA 07? Why don’t you report it to us? We will list your bug reports here, and will inform about it to developers at Electronic Arts in order to fix it.

Just send us your bug reports – as text, replay file, youtube link etc, we will be listing them here at

FIFA 07 Bug Reports

Referee Advantages (by Pelaman)

There is a problem with advantages giving by referee in FIFA 07 Demo. Sometimes it doesn’t work well … I hope the final version has not this bug!

Assitant Referee (by Schah)

FIFA 07 Demo: The linesman’s direction of looking is always at the ball, even the ball is out of the pitch. He also does not raise his flag when the ball is out, when an offside happens and etc.

Goalkeeper (by Edgard)

Why is it that after a free kick towards the left or right pole, the keeper manages to get a hold of the ball, falls backwards, crosses the goal line with the ball in his hands and I’m not awarded a goal? I mean, in real life the side referee would clearly notice it if the main one didn’t. I know it’s a bug and I was hoping for a patch but nothing. It’s one of the saddest things to watch in slo mo.

And one more bug/suggestion: skipping the animated sequence when a substitution takes place would also be a nice option. For some reason, Brazil felt it needed to do it everytime when I was trying to beat them in one of the last Global Challenges and it can be quite frustrating as it took me weeks to beat this challenge. Please don’t neglect FIFA 08 the way you neglected this FIFA 06 Worldcup. Thanks.

Several Bugs (by Shahriyar Ali)

There is a huge bug in the field! Either sides of the field has a line as the *.o file of the ground is not correctly build! The linesmens’ *.fsh is not given in the demo! He looks like alien! This should not be in the full version of the game! One more thing of linesmen … I think it was FIFA 04 in which the linesmen use to point the flag the team who committed it! From FIFA 05, he only looks the ball and doesn’t raise his flag too! Please fix it! One more thing in Demo … The cut scenes BUG! It is lagging a lot … Even who has 512 MB card! Please fix it in the full version of the game!

The Ball (by Alex Onel)

First of all I think we should take a look at the the most important thing in the game: THE BALL. When I played for the first time FIFA 2007 demo, I realised that …THE BALL is not spining right … I mean … in reality the ball is spining very fast at corners, free kicks etc.

For example when you have a corner or a free kick, even a shot … you take it … and you realize the ball doesn’t have a real spin … I think this is a big problem and should be solved fast may be when the full version appears!

FIFA 07 Demo

Sometimes the ball goes in to the goal but no score given. For example the keeper sometimes takes the ball with himself inside the goal. Download the movie to see this bug … Please fix it for full version.

FIFA 07 Demo (by Bastian)

The goal-keeper still has a big bug! Sometimes he acts like a TREE!! Please download the movie.

Penalty Shootout (by Schah)

There is a big bug at penalty shootout first cinematic scene by FC Bayern (away matches). Bayern’s goalkeeper (Oliver Kahn) does not go to stand at goal! A player does it (like Schweinsteiger) … download the movie to see the bug.

Graphic Glitches (by Robert R.)

I have the graphic card MSI (Radeon) RX 9800 Pro. I see some graphics bugs at pitch … I used two drivers for my gfx-card but the bug is still there.

Laggy (by Marcos Kleine)

I just got the 07 version and is very slow and the graphics on the replays are very bad. I have a 7600 gs with 512 ddr2. Fifa 06 and World Cup are amazing on my machine, but 07 is horrible, I have an amazing computer but i am playing like a pentium 100 computer. I am sure that is a problem with the graphics on cutscenes the fps is really low.

Online Play Issue (by Tom Hall)

I bought Fifa 07 on Sunday 1st Oct, from Game in Canary Wharf, London. I have found that when I try to go online, be it online mode or interactive mode, Fifa crashes, as in the app closes completely. Also the resolution of monitor stays very low, and I have to change this. I installed the game to the word of the instructions. I have an Athlon 2.2mhz 64bit.

Slow Graphics (by Mike Willis)

Very slooooow replays despite decent system!!
I have an Nvidia 7900GS (overclocked) and AMD64 3500+ with 1GB RAM plays every game I’ve got at decent speed and quality (including PES5) but when it comes to FIFA 07 replays and cut scenes, the graphics slow down to virtually a dead stop. Replays and cut-scenes on previous FIFAs and PES are fine so what is going on here?

Graphics and Character Rendering (by Mathias Pichler)

Think the picture speaks for itself!

Control Bugs

In controls options I set “New Analog Dribble”, when I try to play with “Multiplayer” all controls reset to default in game. And one more: my gamepad is “Saitek P2500”, with “Multiplayer” I can not pause the game.

Career Mode (by Zedill)

Why I couldn’t save my career? When I load a saved game, career mode isn’t loaded! Has Russian version of FIFA 07 problem?

Goalkeeper on Crosses (by Fantom)

Sometimes when you cross from the flanks, the goalkeeper goes out of his line and saves the ball, then curls in to the goal with ball, but no goal is given!! … see the screenshot.

Slow Cutscenes (by Logan Grant)

Very slow cutscenes even though I’ve got a high end computer. Regular gameplay is fine, but the cutscenes just destroy my framerate.

Freezing (by Farzin Farahbakhsh)

I was playing, but suddenly all palayers stopped although the ball was moving. no one go for the ball! only one of my players was able to move (the one with mark up to it) and after a few seconds I move my player. In fact only that player was able too get the ball. I don’t know why?

Goalkeeper (by Arkadiy)

Just look at this video, there is a bug by goal keeper again!!
Video: FIFA 07 Bug by Goalkeeper

Game Crashed (by Kristian Klinting)

In the Danish version (PC version), during a game it is not always possible to go into the team management to make substitutions.
When I select “Holdmanagement” an error message says “Du skal styre et hold og bruge den tildelte controller for at kunne vælge denne instilling!”.
My guess is that 95% of the time, I get this error. (see the screenshot)

I havent tested it in the English version.

Edgar Davids Bug (by Tim Petersen)

There is a bug, when you play with Edgar Davids in Manager Mode (I play with Spurs). After each match he is not shown on the match xp table. Where his name should be, the field is just blank at it displays 0 xp. Hope it can be fixed.

Funny Bug!, but with Disadvantage (by Ripper Vidales Basurto)

Theres a bug when playing at Professional difficulty, I was running to the goal, then shot one time, the doorman stoped the shot, then another quickly shot (while running), doorman stoped again, my player was running yet, so he went behind of the goal, and he got stucked there. Since that in that game I was playing without a player … lol … that was very funny, I could see the player moving as if he want to come back to the stadium. xD

Just when i was going to finish the game, I took the screenshot, Hope you will fix this, cheers!

Manager Mode (by Richnichols)

My PC version, in Manager Mode, keeps first season results in the “board Expectations” even into second season. The expectations and league position, etc., are not updated in second season.

Gameplay (by Mauricio Bustamante)

A problem is that I shoot the ball and I miss, but the ball cross the mesh and enter … but no counter! The field is wrong, the apparently shadows are bugs!
The game slow down often.

Manager Mode (by Film Producers)

I was playing as Liverpool in my manager mode, and had Gerrard sent off in the second half. The half time score was 1-0. In the replay, behind the menu, you could see Gerrard, standing with his arms horizontal, either side of him. A Bug, I’m sure!

Penalty – (by Gunnar – Norway)

It’s possible for the guy who takes a penalty to hit a post and then score on the rebound.
This should of course be disallowed, since he is touching the ball twice without anyone else being close to it.

Match Experience (by David Zong)

After each match the Match Experience of the players usually increase. However, when the Match Experience increases and goes over 100, it automatically returns to 0!

Menu / Options (by Carla Magi-Prowse)

When I choose the lineup before the match In “Next Match > Manage Your Team”, when I click the down arrow, it goes down the page but when I rollover theplayers name it goes to the top page!

Also I can’t get any patches when I try manually or normally.

And last thing Arjen Robben when put on as LB, RB and someother positions his stats go above 100 for the Team management screen.

Gamecube Version (by James Crabbe)

The problem is with my FIFA 07 for gamecube. My problems are certain players for example Ronaldinho name is not mentioned by the commentators and also sometomes i shoot the keeper takes it into the goal but the goal is not awarded. sometimes the keepers graphics go blured and spread out so a big black triangled shape goes across the screen.

Gameplay (by Steven E. Bauer)

Same bug as Tim Petersen explained but with 3 more people. I’ve played 7+ seasons and I’ve acquired three players (game generated players, they do not exist in real life) that have this problem. The first picture is a player that doesn’t have the bug. The next two show examples of the bug for the player Castro.

Robben Bug (by Yoshiki Revell)

I found a bug with Robben. First, his left side of the face is messed up. It looks like he has a santa clause beard. Just the left side. The second problem is, when I put him a center back, I accidentally did once when switching players, it says he is a 108; he definitely is not a 108.

Player Names (by Ross MacLaren)

On my FIFA O7 game a player called Baultista for B Dortmund is called Bofo my Angel on the pitch and has it on the back of his shirt.

Team Management (by Andrei Mertesz)

Here’s another one. When pausing a match and clicking Team Management, a message appears saying that only the active controller can do changes in team management. After clicking/entering OK, the arrow keys won’t work until the mouse pointer goes over any button (like resume, replay, camera, etc.; the bug with the arrow keys occurs in many menus). The team management option should be possible also by mouse, not just by pressing enter, as long as the mouse is not a controller in FIFA.

Gameplay (by Keiran Guite)

Same bug as Steven E. Bauer and Tim Petersen . On the Gamecube, in manager mode playing as Tottenham with a scouted youth player in CB no stats aftergame and no progress curves in team management and i can’t sell him (although he is not too gifted so…)

Goalkeeper / Gameplay (by Andrei Mertesz)

The ball was deflected by the GK and it jumped on the crossbar, I mean it had contact with the crossbar. You can hear a continously bell sound (the sound you hear with funny sfx when the ball hits the bar). The referee didn’t say it’s a corner. All the players seemed to wait for the ball to fall. This occured in a match between AS ROMA and UDINENSE.

Manager Mode (by Benjamin Darling)

I have played many Manager Mode games, but only been able to finish one due to this bug. The game simply crashes to desktop. I’m fairly certain that it is often due to having too many players on the roster. I know others have posted this in the official forums and other places, but it is just terribly frustrating. Right now, my main suspicion is that when you promote a Youth Player it doesn’t check against the players you may have loaned out before deciding to let you do so.

PS2 Bugs (by Thomas Thinggaard)

In the PS2 game, you don’t recieve your bonuses from the sponsor. For an example, I would get a bonus if I won the Championship with Leeds or if I had the topscorer in the Championship. I achieved both, but no money was paid to me.

Two Bugs (by Alex Walker)

1. Obafemi Martins is called Gerimi by the commentator.
2. Didier Drogba’s mouth slides side to side.

Online Play Connection Error (by Sebastian)

– Connection lost after goals.
– Direct goal from corner kick.

Header (by Presley Viegas)

It so happens that, lots and lots of times when a player heads the ball and you check the Instant Replay, his head does not touch the ball at all.

Also, when you go running towards the goalkeeper with the ball he suddenly decides “aw, forget it” and just stands there till you go past him and then decides “um, let me try” and after you cross him, he dives, of course to no success.

Also, one of the funniest bugs I have seen is this one: Its a game between ManUtd(P1) Arsenal (PC). Van Persie heads the ball, Alexander Hleb recieves the ball and flicks it to the other side, th ball bounces once and then comes up and gets stuck to his chest. Fine. Then he starts running towards the sideline and during that run, the ball goes inside his chest and slowly starts coming out of his back. He finally reaches the sideline and as he goes out the ball goes again towards his chest and pops out. Hilarious, you’ve got to check out the Replay or Screenshots. And you can see Gary Neville nearby saying to himself “now I’ve seen it all”.

Shoot + Cross Glitches (Gavril George)

In fifa 07 is a bug when you press shoot + cross (in your half) the ball will go super fast towards the opposite side of the field. This bug was not fixed in the UEFA cl 06-07.

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  1. I realised that the free kick stat has a glitch in FIFA 07 because the composure stat and the free kick stat of every player in the game are the same. For example, if Messi’s composure is 87 then you find that his free kick stat is also 87. I need clarification on this issue urgently!

  2. At the end of a season and the start of the second season when clicking next game the game crashes without stating a reason why.

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