PES 2019 Wishlist

PES 2019

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer football game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to have in the upcoming PES 2019. We will list all your ideas and recommendations for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to submit them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment.

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17 thoughts on “PES 2019 Wishlist

  1. Things I’d love to see some of these are returns others are not.
    – trophy gallery
    – create a Stadium
    – indoor mode 5 a side
    – points gained can be used in a pes shop to buy footballs, classic teams etc.
    – classic match mode where only in this mode you can play a historical match eg. Man United v Bayern Munich champions league final 1999
    – jukebox mode where you can play existing music from game and you can unlock classic pes music from years gone by
    – create a custom tournament or league not a Konami cup or Konami league and gives you a choice of custom trophies.
    – create trophy mode

  2. Here is a few list of suggestions i would like to suggest on my behalf:
    No. 1. evolving looks: like automatic changes in hairstyle of players throughout the season in ML and also wrinkles depending on age. also a young version of ozil or example is very much different from a, say, ozil from later stage of career.
    No. 2. Changing kits every season. only minor changes are implemented with basic kit color remaining the same.
    No. 3. a press conference with dialogue options in ML before every matchday with chance of reward depending on how u react to media.
    No. 4. In ML, total revamp of post match ratings like it used to be in pes 2015. good passing and defence should count towards an awesome rating.
    No. 5. players getting injured more often, players cheating and misbehaving, having fight with manager(which affects condition), players more expressive and communicative with manager and dialogue options in such situations leading to reward if handled sensibly.

    More to come PS: lala land is an amazing movie!

    here is a few list more:
    * ML manager names (even if fake) and feces.
    * Ability to see who scored and when in all matches in ML.
    * overall a deeper management system in ML.
    * Ability to hire and fire staff such as club doctor, scouts.

  3. Please put the tatoos for the players of CONRINTHIANS FC AND FLAMENGO C.R And put the tatoos in the become a legend mode.

  4. Total revamp of everything in ml from trophy celebration to transfers and budgets to injuries and player growth and also to bal

  5. 1) add background history for each club, titlles and trophy that win by the club. the number will increase if we win the title in game.
    2) extend master league duration.
    3) give stadium to each club, does not matter if it is no licensed, fake is ok,..better than having sharing same stadium
    4) give trophy celebration please when winning league. It’s ok if no licensed just fake. atleast we have something to be glad on.
    5) more cutscene, more celebration, more reaction (include fight between player)
    6) in master league, i have 0 player injured for whole season…can u fix this?
    7) add more mode, in my opinion i guess i go for super league! 20 club with barcelona, real, man utd, bayern in 1 league…in other word EURO SUPER LEAGUE
    8. improve become a legend

  6. Please add Fiji Soccer League. There are a lot of people who play fifa in Fiji. They cannot even connect online as the Fiji option is not there.

    Please add the ten Fiji teams in the league and also the three major cup tournaments. These weekend tournaments are hugely followed.


  7. 1) Add German ,Russian,Ukrainian,Czech,Denmark leagues.
    2)Add some asian leagues,it’s illogical to have AFC Champions League but don’t have any asian leagues….
    3)Add creating boots,balls,stadiums etc…
    4)add ability to add kit suppliers for created kit.
    5)add real managers on the pitch.
    6)make unlicenced team and player names more similar to the original (Real Madrid – R. Madrid).
    7)More stadiums
    8)More boots,gloves ,balls.
    9)add answering to the journalists in Master League and Become a Legend modes.
    10)Add talking with players like in PES 2012.
    11)add some african leagues

  8. Licensed leagues,clubs,real scoreboards….Make some real coach’s from some big clubs.Improve net, grass,AI(especially goalkeepers).For ML:more cutscenes (when you negotiate with players agent like in fifa,more awards, trophies (also rework for some awards like balon do’r). Realistic and logic transfers.Fix the regeneration with retired players.
    More boots, celebrations(Konami you must make Messi’s shirt off celebration like in El clasico).

    I forgot to add something that is very important to improve the game:More realistic passing, shooting, goalkeepers animations…and pre season tournaments.

  9. I would like to see Konami seizing the opportunities EA is giving them and put some leagues that aren’t featured in FIFA into the game: Greece, Uruguay, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, China, also the return of Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and the AFC Champions League, with the addition of the CAF Champions League.

    Also, improved match presentation and an intro movie like WE4 or WE2002

    1. I totally agree with Fernando da Silva Ferreira. Take advantage of those lapses in fifa and include these leagues, especially concentrating in Africa where FIFA don’t have a foothold yet. There’s a large untapped market in Africa that can surely give PES good revenue.

  10. BUNDESLIGA!!!!!!!
    Also, I would like for the league cups to exist.
    North American teams (Even if they’re fictional)
    To many teams on the game are not in leagues which makes it less interesting.

  11. More cutscenes (e.g rework the balon do’r scene),more celebration(like Messi’s shirt off in El clasico),AI improvement,better grass,net….

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