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PES 2018

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Write your ideas for the next Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in upcoming PES 2018 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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229 thoughts on “PES 2018 Wishlist

  1. Double the amount of stadiums in the game.
    Double the amount of GK Gloves in the game
    Double the amount of Boots in the game

  2. First of all this game is awesome personally i would love the classic team back also i would like to see more options for manual keeper mode as i use it alot freekick time when playing online is not long enough and the commentry needs to be more in depth and try and fix the online servers i cant play against the cpu anymore the game has evovled where as i have to play against humans it gets u on the edge of your seat

  3. Like everyone else it would be nice with more licensing but KONAMI ALREADY KNOWS THAT! I would never buy fifa again if you just fixed the end to end camera angles. I need to see my player and the ball at all times. player 2 camera is too inconsistent. player 1 is way too tight. Customizable zoom and height would over deliver.

  4. improvement to be made
    1. Add Ballboys
    2. Add Handballs
    3. Add Cut-scene for ref taking Ball for movistar or EPL entrance
    4. Add Real celebration for Star players like Griezmann Hot. bling, Cristiano pose, Dybala cat eye, ozil gesture.
    5. Pls remove tight marking/defending. fix it
    6. pls let there be outstanding matches
    7. Add different time/schedule for each leagues
    8. pls fix player entrance. Where r the subs n coach also.
    9. New cup celebration for cups, league n Champions League
    10. Add tattoos. plssssss

  5. Please let us to choose the time of the match ( day/night ) in Master League and it would be awesome to add a couple more weather conditions, like : sunset or foggy weather.

    Please improve the shoting and free-kicks and penalties. Shooting is the only thing in gameplay that makes it look a little cheap.

    And please improve visual part of the game. It should be a little more colorful. Not just the turf, but the whole picture.

    Thank you!

  6. Less physical play as opposed tot pes17, it feels like rugby from time tot time.

    Limit the overall rating of legends at their peak. Playing with legends online that have al stats at 99 is no fun.

    Fix the rating system for defence and midfield. Goals and assists matter too much.

    Give some love to become a legend mode. It hasnt improved in years.

    Give more options in pass assistance. Pass assistance 1 is way too assisted.

  7. More relistisct names. Real names to all CL-teams pls. Add some more Bundesliga teams. Bundesliga license has to be done!! A little bit faster game flow. Online games is a disaster and should to be fixed.

  8. Better licensing for the Barclays premier league, EFL Championship, etc. More stadiums for each league, Team editing mods for Xbox one like PS4 if no better licensing

  9. Add more commentary languages on ps4 version .

    Add difficulty level ( more difficult than super star ) .

    Real gameplay and much more ( closer to the real match in life ) .

  10. One of the main areas could work incredibly well would be the use of more classic teams.

    For example if anyone has played the NBA 2K series they use it to great effect. Having the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. And many other great teams from years gone by.

    Why couldnt this work for PES like having a 90’s Manchester United Treble team. The 1970 Brazil National Team. A Galactico Madrid team with all the greats from the early 00’s

    The scope is endless and they have already made more classic players with the proper likeness. That is the Key. Stat and facial likeness. The licencing can always be worked around.

    Just hope Roy Keane doesn’t do a Marradona and try sue Konami for using his mug.

  11. Pes is undeniable the best football game ever but it needs some few tweaks:
    1. First of all the presentation of the games is terrible It needs better menus abd option
    2. The player modelling is not good because almost all the players have huge hands
    3. Also the gameplay is good but it feels too slippery, emphasize more on movements and actions
    4. the in pitch feel is not fully complete like the substitution box, manager Stance, moving camera men ,training players and all that konami has to put the feel of real life football game
    5, The should actually try and watch football matches
    6. They should also analyze their competitor on what makes FIFA best selling

  12. PES should add this features

    1.The latest emblem,team name and kits .Old Pes gamel all still use old emblem,old team name and team kit
    2.Master league must have hired staf,facilities ,stadum,training ground,merchandise and other facilities that can be upgrade for team to get more fund and team fan.Also contract to manage team should given choice 1 year to 5 years… need to renew every season,but board of director can sack if not satisfied with the team peformance
    3.Award ceremony for world best player and best manager,best foward,mifield,defend n goalkeeper at the end season
    4.More asia league ,latest AFC Champion League and AFC Cup
    5.More natonal team from Asia… all pes had all country but no natonal team… should not happen.
    Thank you

  13. Take every beautiful features from older pes series 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013

    make ps4 version retractable added more as in pc .

  14. Your comments … i want to suggest.. pes must add A real player injured.. like hamstrng.. broke bone and whay ever

  15. I hope
    1)offline mobile game pes
    3)press conference before and after game in master league and bal
    4)more asian league

  16. This ate my ideas for the next PES game.
    1)KONAMI should work with 2K team to make the best and more interesting to play inBecome A Legend / Career mode.
    2)Need more licensed clubs, licensed stadiums, and licensed kits and in the game including legend teams.
    3)Realistic graphics, player likenesess, player movements, referee actions and movements, fans and bench player including team staffs actions.
    4)A new interface system for Master League game mode. Make it easy to handle and user friendly.
    5)For Become A Legend, we should start in the college or high school and start our career mode from there until we reach the top. Step by step.
    6)For player profile and details, it should be more realistic with the new interface system.

  17. It will be very bad for Konami to stop making soccer games for PS3 because is not everyone who can buy PS4 so please don’t try to stop making soccer games for PS3 like how you stop Ps2 because we all know Ps2 is old but that must not happen on PS3 thank you and keep proving good game for PS3 and PS4

  18. As an Xbox One owner who can’t update the kits ala PS4, please make more than 5 boxes in the editing tool. How about 20 box, therefore we can make better looking kits.

  19. We want to see realistic football. Please add;
    *Different scoreboards for different leagues
    *Realistic Video shooters and photographers and stewards (they look stiff in previous versions)
    *Remove player glitches (e.g. Player hands penetrating another player when hugging)
    *We have to beat EA’s FIFA hands down
    *We need flawless victory over FIFA to keep their fans mute 😀

  20. add Become A Legend with story like The Journey on FIFA 17. make all scoreboard like Fifa 17, add indonesian league and national team. make hd and better crowd effect. and i hope all competitions are licensed. thanks

    1. and i and millions of others do NOT want anything easy….it’s a simulation.. go play fifa

      or on an easier level…

  21. Add more cut scenes..add handball,goal line technology,add more commentators pes only have one pair…add more emotions of players giving medals dressing room cutscenes…

  22. PES 2018 :
    No use when KONAMI said PES a realistic simulation football while :

    HANDBALL its not there.
    SHIELD to protect your ball from defender
    INJURY its not about all leg.the players can injured at head,arm,shoulder,hamstring etc.
    MORE cut scene. replay.presentation.entrance.

    every year Konami doesnt/(or never) add this features.
    it is true konami listen to there fan???


    1. and how would this handball and shirt pulling be implemented…btw the latter is more or less already in the game

      Handball, sounds good till people are playing it and complaining about a hb giveen against them complaining it’s unfair as they can’t do anything to stop it…

      bad idea…yes it’s a tiny part of real football, but it wont work in a game

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