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PES 2018

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Write your ideas for the next Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in upcoming PES 2018 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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  2. Ability for replays to be playable like .mp4 or .mpeg
    New driblling tehniques
    Realistic distance shooting, because on PES 2017 is impossible to score a goal from distance.

  3. Even though I highly doubt that Konami give time to search the internet for consumer feedback and suggestions, these are my suggestions:
    1- The most important: Give us some control over scripting like Fifa does.
    PES has always been the offline game that is either frustrating or boring. Regardless of your skill leve, you will always end up confused between 2 difficulties. One will make the AI boringly easy to own and the other will make playing against AI frustrating. There is doubt that scripting isn’t there heavily. So at least give the player base some control. For instance, let us choose whether I want players’ stats to be manipulated, whether I want ball physics to be changed, whether I want to give AI the ability to know which buttons I am pressing, etc…
    2- Make players’ development realistic. Do not make the 16 old reborned players legends. Make the 16 old reborned players develop more when you give them more play time. Make the players develop better when playing in tougher leagues. It doesn’t make sense that most of the players reach their peak level at 24 years old, change that! Players’ stats drops too rapidly when you are not using them in matches.
    3- Give us the ability to include custom music.
    4- Too much mistakes in the commentary, fix them.

  4. Natural Gameplay
    The graphics are awesome, the shooting and passing are good enough but one thing PES has to work on is the movement. Graphics, shooting, and passing are not only the things that make up the gameplay, there should be a natural movement to your game,running several types of player and natural movements of the player . Konami is lagging behind on this. Changing the tempo and slowing down when needed are the thing that makes the gameplay un-natural. If they fix this, PES will be the No1 on gameplay.

  5. The game surely needs a lot of improvement at gameplay and fans. I don’t want to ask from KONAMI to buy licences. All I want to ask is to add new LEAGUES. These leagues could be real but unlicenced or fake. I can’t be a Greek player and the only editable league to be “PEU League”!!!!!! Also, you have to improve “Other European Teams” mode! Make it a league with division system (?).

    If you take no licences any more, you have to improve your edit mode.

  6. Hello
    What i would like to see in pes 18 is a cinematic mode of BAL were players, coaches, fans and other staffs within a team communicates and interact with each other. [Make BAL a story from before the player joins a league till retirement .There should be a real reason why a BAL player should play to earn high salaries i.e a reason to spend all that cash they get paid like buy houses, cars go partying especially after winning a final. Medals, trophies and player of the year presentation to be improved and added.} Match official names to be shown and mentioned during the match. Bring the training mode where players really do train than just adjusting numbers. Add a pair of commentators in each and every competition than just Jim & drury throughout the game. Realistic bench players and cut scenes showing the preparations(warm ups) of players before they sub others. the ones in bracket are most needed coz i see no motivation of playing more seasons if i don’t spend my earned cash.

    1. Hello Ed.

      I would very much love to see all that you have asked for to be created because BAL is my most favourite game mode to play.

      I applaud all your suggestions and keep my fingers crossed that KONAMI do this for this mode. I also posted a similar suggestion years ago on the wishlist hoping that they would introduce it in PES 2016.

      I seriously wish they could give special attention to the BAL mode and improve it drastically. I love what FIFA did with the Journey mode now KONAMI must actually do better than that and add how to spend the cash that the player accumulates throughout his playing career.

      Thank you for your suggestion and I truly hope KONAMI will do something about this BAL mode.

  7. Hi,

    I whish for pes2018 to make the passes direction more flexible and make the online more open or make it open region so I could play with my friends around the world because when I baught pes2017 us I only could play with people in us and when I return to my country I only could play with us player and they are so far and got laggy games, but when pes2018 comes open region I could play with any one close to me and my friends around the world and have much fun, because fifa is open region and I forced to play fifa with my friends because you only need one region version to play with any one around the world and I prefer to play pro evoultion soccer more than fifa since I was playing winning eleven 3 and all versions after, and I wish to add more teams and players on exibition specially classic players ,classic national team and classic clubs.


  8. My own idea for pes 2018 is the game should be more realistic like a story you control the players after the match.Have more stadium and more realistic referee and commentary.

  9. For me PES doesn’t need to altered to much. My main focus is always the gameplay and how it can improve. I’d like the physics to be slightly smoother.

    Also they need to introduce a new button/action to the game. The BLOCK BUTTON. It’s so simple but it would completely add a new approach to the game, both defensive and offensive. To many times I’m trying to defend and I give penalties away because I hit the slide button and it takes out the attacker. With a block button you make an assumption as to where the attacker may shoot and it would slide towards that space.

    Also on the flip side if you were the attacker running towards the goal and performed a fake shot you could leave the defence on their backside trying to block the shot. This is something I see every time I watch football and if it was introduced in pes it would add a bit more realism to the game.

    Has anyone also ever thought of this?

  10. Don’t forget the belgain leauge.
    It’s a very good and strong leauge with a lot of good player to be discoverd
    and don’t foget a lot of great players come from there
    carlos bacca ac milan
    koyate west-ham
    colibaly napoli
    indidi leicester
    dirar monaco
    persic inter
    t. munier psg
    Sergej Milinkovic lazio
    Mbemba+mitrovic newcastle
    Leon Bailey leverkusen

  11. Your comments …Hi am a big fan of PES I love everything about PES but I want to see more improvement in the pes 18 I want to use my own face as the manager in master league you must improve that managers should be sack when you are not doing very well mock other teams I want to see the manager on the touch line with my own face we want more leagues in it konami try and bring Africa teams with real face improve your menu and you will make more money and more fans world wide

    1. Your comments …Hi PES what I want to see in PES 18 I want to have presion with my team before the league starts like how we see it in real football I want to see more league with original kit like Germany league Africa league and many more try and improve the master league so it will be interesting to play all the time I love PES and konami

      1. Your comments …I PES we want goal update in master league so you will know how other teams are also doing when you are playing yours and we don’t we all the teams to start at the same time make it real for us pls

  12. Just let me say that I WAS A HUGE FAN since the ISS DELUXE from SUPER NES! And NEVER BOUGHT FIFA believing on Konami and the playing system of PES….But honestly, if it doesn’t change, it’s over.

    So, please take note:
    – Please more focus on the game itself rather than stupid extras that doesn’t add anything new to the game, such as boots, balls, songs and online stuff.
    – Bring back the COPA LIBERTADORES and COPA SUDAMERICANA,as well as the licensed teams – the 2017 version was simply ridiculous (I understand the negotiations with clubs are not easy, so that’s where the money should talk! because from all these years, Konami has more than enough to deal). – BUT EVERYONE WITH A MINIMUM BRAIN HAS DOWNLOADED THE PARCHES FROM USERS AVAILABLE ON INTERNET WITH REAL UNIFORMS, TEAMS, ETC.
    – More licensed teams and official nations teams.
    – More stadiums.
    – Simple online gaming: what is this points system anyway? what is it for??? when you play the divisions it doesn’t matter how many points you have…so it’s totally useless. AND PLEASE, LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE FRIENDS TO PLAY FROM ANY PART OF THE WORLD!!! Not this random stupid system since pes 2016
    – Finally, at least if there are things to be updated, put a downlodable parch so we can enjoy the full version

    Konami, listen to your customers and fans FROM ALL AGES, not only the new generations, ok? Thanks

  13. I play PES since ISS Pro 98….and I was wondering….why they don’t introduce in the menu a part where clicking on a icone you will be able to play at the old ISS Pro ’98 that one for PS1? It should be a nice extra little game also for the nostalgic. It’s good also to play with it with your big friend that you grow up playing in it. I think it will only use less than 500 MB on disc…they should put it in.

    Another thing….official licenses as FIFA, it could the perfect game.

  14. Love pes and a huge fan since winning eleven 7! My wish list for pes 2018 are

    1) Free Kicks; have set plays like corner kicks have, if im too far for a shot, that free kick is pointless.
    2) Passing; a high threw ball long distance to a forward sometimes doesnt work, instead it goes to the nearest player behind the forward. Or even trying to pass from cb to cb it goes to the rb instead, leading to a quick counter by the amazing superstar ai.
    3) Shield button; the cpu ai on superstar tends to catch up with me on the run and pull my shoulder and take the ball with ease, yet i cannot do that to them! Have a shield button were you can push them off you.
    4) Defending; while ball is in the air via free kick or goal kick, my player tends to lock up with the opposing player and cannot move, gets frustrating with superstar ai as they easily turn off u and are open to a shot or break away.
    5) Hand balls
    6) Dekes; player tends to slow down after a deke or a fake shot, which is easily tackled by a defender
    7) Online; Online is just terrible, especially with myclub, the pace is so much faster like an arcade game (fifa) yet offline vs computer or friend is at a slower pace.
    8) Myclub; Black balls are impossible to get, i should not be wasting 10k on a white ball, online versus is an arcade game way too fast, and i thought unlocking legends meant they were able to be acquired on master league?
    9) Master League; yet the only good mode in the game it still needs improvement. Have better standings, goals etc list. If i as the manager transfer to another club, i should go at the end of the season, not mid Jan transfer window.
    10) Player switch; player switch is terrible, when i click to switch to a player while defending, it should automatically assume the player nearest the ball, it should not be switching to the rb when the opposing team has the ball near the cb. Even using right analog stick, it still doesnt read it.
    11) Crowd; have more authentic chants, sounds and those big embles the fans are holding, and it should be louder, creating a better atmosphere.
    12) Player ratings; a 90+ overall player like ronaldo or messi should outrun a player better, a 80 overall player should not be able to catch up to them so easily, especially playing the cpu on superstar.
    13) Speed burst; speed burt needs improving, i find that it takes them to long to push forward when clicking the button, its at a delay almost.
    14) Gameplay; a better flow to the game, i find the cpu is in perfect position all the time, which in soccer doesnt happen, its like im playing fusball (jitoni) or something, they should also get tired and slow like we do.
    15) Commentator needs improving, yet they are great!
    16) Diving; diving should be easier to use, clicking 4 buttons (L1, R1, L3, R3) is pretty tough, especially when fouls arent called.
    17) Refs needs a touch with calls for you, especially advantage play, it is not nearly long enough as for versus cpu.
    18) More songs
    19) Players should not be slipping on dry grass.
    20) Edit mode; we should be able to apply more jerseys, there are more teams in the game then whatever the number it is that we can apply via usb. Example: 200 slots 300 teams, give us the ability to add more.
    21) Tattoos

    Hopefully that helps

    1. haaving set piece routines, is a bad idea, all you would have to do is put roughly the right amount of power on the kick approx direction, and were going to be having goals every time..imho it’s fine as it is..

  15. In master league play I would like to be able to change my team’s jersey each year. In real soccer, teams alter the colors and overall appearance on their jersey’s each year.

    As mentioned before, I would also like to see new players introduced to the youth squad at the end of each season instead of recycling the same players that have retired each year.

    Lastly, I also think it would be great to see the addition of money received through sponsors in the master league like real soccer.

  16. Omg, don’t ask me how but i KNOW nobody so far has mentioned, a flaw which has riddled this game now FOR YEARS

    I am talking about the excessive scripting….I want this hugely reduced

    2 Also in 7 seasons, yes 7 seasons, why is it my cb’s havn’t scored a single corner kick headed goal?, not 1..this is wrong

    3 The advantage rule is activated at the wrong time in this game, this needs to be changed so that referees use it correctly

    4 Master league really needs to be improved ..right now retiring players simply respawn as youth players either in your youth squad or at the same team they retired at…..which is pathetic, and totally destroys any realism and enjoyment….also can we have multiplayer in masterleague (offline plz)

    5 better more relevant crowed chants and noise, ie from the actual stadium, of recent play

    6 Still the commentary is not correct. calls are made for wrong instances, i wouldn’t mind but the game has had this same daft issue for years, Fifa got this right first time why?

    7 player rating system is rubbish in this game even worse than a few years ago…on a scale of 1-10 the game uses 3.5 to 8.5 which is a range of 5..fifa on the other hand does this way way better..

  17. Hi….
    we like the pes18 it is
    1:license face of real referee
    2:take hand when the ball impact the hand of players
    3:azadi stadium in pes18=capacity=90000
    4;add more feature in master league
    5:show the team bus when the team enter the stadium
    6:real fans
    7:real happy after a goal of players
    8:increase the stadium
    9:create a option for you can quarrel yourself
    (please create the azadi stadium in pes18)
    thank you…………………………………………..

  18. Firstly, I, as much other PES fans want to see HANDBALL as FOUL in PES 2018 (doesn’t matter the team being player or COM controlled)
    I want to see these leagues in PES 2018 (by region):

    Western Europe:
    Sky Bet League Two
    Championnat de France National (France 3rd Division)
    2. Bundesliga (German 2nd division)
    3. Liga (German 3rd Division)
    La Liga BBVA (I’ve heard that PES 17 is the last with Spanish leagues, so I’m putting this to keep the Spanish Leagues)
    La Liga Adelante
    Segunda División B (Spanish 3rd Division)
    Lega Pro (Italian 3rd Division)
    Ledman LigaPro (Portuguese 2nd Division)
    Campeonato de Portugal Prio (Portuguese 3rd Division

    Eastern Europe:
    Russian Football Premier League (Russia 1st Division)
    Russian Football National League (Russia 2nd Division)
    Russian Professional Football League (Russia 3rd Division)
    Ukrainian Premier League
    Ukrainian Second League

    North America:
    Major League Soccer
    Liga MX
    Canadian Football League
    Canadian Football League 2nd Division
    Liga de Ascenso

    South America:
    Campeonato Brasileiro Chevrolet – Série B
    Campeonato Brasileiro Chevrolet – Série C
    Campeonato Carioca
    Campeonato Gaúcho Chevrolet
    Campeonato Gaúcho Chevrolet – “Gauchão do Interior” (like the normal, but without Gremio and Internacional teams)
    Campeonato Gaúcho Chevrolet – Divisão de Acesso
    Campeonato Paulista Itaipava – Série A
    Campeonato Paulista Itaipava – Série A2
    Copa da Primeira Liga
    Copa do Brasil with Série B and Série C teams, as well as the Paulista Série A2 and Gauchão do Interior champions)
    Primera División Profesional de Uruguay
    Segunda División Profesional de Uruguay
    Primera B Nacional (Argentina)
    Primera Categoría Serie A (Ecuador)
    Primera Categoría Serie B

    Chinese Super League
    China League One (China 2nd Division)
    China League Two (China 3rd Division
    J2 League
    J3 League

    Africa Champions League
    Premier Soccer League (South Africa)
    Linafoot (DR Congo)
    Egyptian Premier League
    Elite One (Cameroon)
    Ligue 1 (Ivory Coast)
    Ghana Premier League
    Nigeria Premier League

    Stirling Sports Premiership
    All with at least their main stadiums and fully licensed.

    National Teams:
    All other NT qualified for 2018 FWC not on PES 2017

  19. Hello!
    First of all I would like to see all those legends you already created (Baggio, Figo, R. Carlos and so on since PES 2016 by now PES 2017 like Stoichkov, Koeman and so on) in FREE AGENTS or CLASSIC PLAYERS or OTHER PLAYERS option, so we could use them and assign them to other teams. FIFA already gave this option, and this gonna be really thrilling with all those retri kits we can assign!
    Second thing is to create real managers like FIFA did in their last edition! This gonna help alot in realistic aspect of the game!
    Thank you!

    1. fifa has managers…for every team, iv’e had this idea for pes for years, looks like fifa beat them to it then…

  20. 1. Commentary needs a total revamp. PES 17’s commentary has no life in it. Also, there repetition is way too much. Some more information about teams, tournaments, in-game occurrences (in Manager Mode for example), in-game stats (stadium capacity, shots on target etc) and so on would make it so much better. Player specific stats would be a plus.

    2. Granted not every single player can have his face in the game, but the generic player faces are so bad. This also goes for the player creation. I think the models and faces should be remade so they have suitable variation and look better. Also the player kits look like very stiff cloth.

    3. The user interface also needs work. Its functional but its not attractive at all.

    4. Animations are not very natural. Usually, hitting a curved shot feels floaty. Players are a bit stiff as they move. Whenever the ball goes out of touch, all the players slow down and start to walk, which kills the adrenaline. Taking a glance off the pitch really kills the immersion for me. The managers, photographers etc all need some more life breathed into them.

    Personally I think the gameplay is excellent, but the little details both off the pitch and on it really need work.In its current state, it does not help immersion at all.

    PS: The PC port is terrible. It’ll be better to delay the PC port than to release another one of similar quality to PES 17’s PC port. Its pretty bad

  21. 1. Natural Gameplay- The graphics are awesome, the shooting and passing are good enough but one thing PES has to work on is the movement. Graphics, shooting, and passing are not only the things that make up the gameplay, there should be a natural movement to your game. Konami is lagging behind on this. Changing the tempo and slowing down when needed are the thing that makes the gameplay un-natural. If they fix this, PES will be the No-1 on gameplay.

    2. Improvement on Major Tournaments- PES has Champions League and Europa League license which makes them preferable to many of the fans. But, rather than making it their grand scheme and improving on them, Konami treats major tournaments like any other mode. The intro is special with a lot of hype in the league but when the season progresses, the only thing different is the commentator saying “This is a big match for….” The developers should work on making these models special.

    3. More Licensed Teams- We need more licensed teams in PES 2018 as to make up for the details of players and stadiums. They already have Barcelona, Liverpool, Dortmund as top teams’ licenses. However, we want other teams like Chelsea, Madrid, and Milan.

    4. Fix Commentary- The commentary in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 simply horrendous. It is common that there is a wrong or repetitive comment over something. There are not enough details about individual players, club and the league in the commentator. Not to mention that there is no life in the voice of commentators. The immediate fix required.

    5. Accurate Team Names- We cannot stress this enough. Konami should get all of the correct team names rather than sticking Man Red and Man Blue in the game. There are many patches that fix the names but they should do it officially. Non-Licensing kills for most of the gamers.

    6. Improved Visual Effects- The auto-replays for goals, misses, fouls etc are not as good when compared to the gameplay details of the game. There should be more Visual Replays in the game and they should be more advanced.

  22. These are all Master League improvements as that is what I play

    1) Computer adapt to the game – The computer will be playing 4-5-1and can be winning/losing 2-1 with 10 minutes to play and instead of changing to defend their lead or chasing a goal, they stick to 4-5-1. No strikers brought on for defenders to score and no defenders brought on for strikers to defend their lead.

    2) advantage – you lose your advantage as soon as you touch the ball. Example, I can get fouled, be given an advantage then as soon I touch the ball with another player, I can be tackled straight away and advantage is over with no free kick given.

    3) celebrations – limited to 2 per player….also following on from point 1. I can be winning 4-0, the computer scores a goal to make it 4-1 and their players still celebrate wildly.

    4) free kicks – soooo hard to score from, I believe I’ve scored around 4 or 5 in my time playing…low and hard across the goal. Otherwise I hit the wall or it goes over.

    5) tackling – i often make a perfect slide tackle and the ref gives a free kick away!

    6) speed – i can be put through 1 on 1 and the defender nearly always catches me, even if my striker is quicker. Also from a through ball, if the defender has a head start, he will get to the ball first.

    7) teams play their best players – Begovic is always in goal for chelsea with Courtios on the bench, Ospina more often then not in goal for Arsenal with Cech on the bench and Sanchez is near enough always on the bench. Best players need to play! and no it isn’t tactical reasons.

    8) transfers – computer teams to buy players they need, i can be 4 seasons in and the opposition are still playing with the same players they did in the first season. If a team has a clear deficiency, they should buy a player for that position.

    9) injuries – players get injured in games but they always recover and come back on, they only seem to get injured and out for a few weeks when they’re “training”

    10) penalties and red cards – i believe i’ve had 3 or 4 penalties in all the time I ‘ve been playing, also does the computer ever receive red cards???

    1. The AI will adopt a defensive tactic if it is winning but not an offensive won if winning..i don’t believe
      To trigger the AI to change it’s formation YOU need to set the other teams formation before even starting the competition in the edit mode, as I have done with evey team, you can also select if they use possession and long ball or short passing
      and believe me I have played the game enough to notice that this actually does work in the game with some teams passing short and others playing 50-60 yard long balls continuously..

      2 yeah it’s even more that that basically the referee AI gives this decision at the wrong times all the time…

      3 yeah gd point…though not a priority…p

      4 fk are fine leave as they are, i have actually scored 2 fk in a row with coutinhio yes now you know my team..p

      5 yeah the tackle contact (collission) isn’t quite right..

      6 i think if anything the game should “slightly” favour the defence, but for BOTH YOU AND THE AI…don’t forget you have the ball the defender does’nt..

      7 Again you can select a best 11 in the edit menu that all AI teams, will use as default in any competition, you just need to do a bit of work to create this…again though not that important imho..

      8 yeah totally agree, see my answer as well, because that is not the total crux of the problem just part of it…

      9 hmm havn’t noticed lol?,, if true though i agree..

      10..lmao…yeah you really have to be clever to get a pen from the AI, but i don’t think this is far wrong right now, your second point though and this is fact iv’e had the AI down to 9 players in 25 mins of game time, ai NEARLY ALWAYS recieves more cards than me per game sometimes i have 0 and he has 7+….so sorry i totally disagree with this..

      hope you don’t mind my feedback on your ideas…

  23. 1. First of all konami needs to change the annoying commentry,

    2.more cut seen and celebration after winning a cup.

    3.ball boy

    4.curl shot improvement

    5.add ISL (indian super league) and add Mohonbagan AC in AFC cup

    6.more crowd cheering and noise.

    7.New boots

    That’s all I want to see in pes 18.

    Konami, you guys are awesome.

    1. 1 and 5 yes agree..

      New boots? lmao, are you having a laugh there are well over 100 diffferent boots in this game already???

  24. My whishlist for upcoming PES 2018:

    1. Possibilty to choose referee for match; realistic referees faces and possibilty to change their strip;
    2. More realistic judging by referees;
    3. Put “Journey mode” like on a FIFA 2017 and expell “Become a legend mode” because it’s a bit boring from time to time;
    4. Licenced teams and real-face of all players;
    5. Make a few fixses for Intel HD graphic users, because we always have a problem with VRAM, we want to enjoy all the fun 😉
    6. Simplier online playing and please to be avaliable for players in all countries.

    That’s all!

    Thank you!

    1. wt??? theres loads of boots in the game already….can we get back to improving the actual game not making imho irrelevant points..cheers

  25. 1. please add the faces of the coaches to pes 2018
    2. players should be able to do different goal celebrations. apart from the default ones assigned to them like in FIFA

    1. Iv’e had that idea for years, keep expecting to see it in PES but each new game still doesn’t have it…

      my idea is to be able to create coach (manager) image profiles for EVERY team in the edit mode or just use default.. and then for this image (persona) to be seen as a character of the managers on the bench and in cut scenes, make it similar to how the player editor works currently…..would be great to see representations of real managers on the respective benches and in animated cut scenes… key points..

  26. I see the brighter side here. i can notice we all want a better PES video game for the future. I notice that FIFA gamers do the same thing. I am a FIFA gamer myself but i loved playing PES 2010. But that is not the case.

    I think that PES will be better one day, say in the coming 10 years or so. but for that to happen they must focus on something never done before. investing their time on not releasing a game for at least two years.

    My idea is to look at the outside box. there 30 to 34 leagues in FIFA 17. Why not try to beat that. African leagues have never appeared in any football simulator. try putting 20 african leagues, e.g the likes of Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Cameroon, Tunisia, Gabon and many other. put South American leagues, Asian, and other.

    that would destroy FIFA because they claim they have money but no brains. you will hit them where it hurts the most, trust me.


    1. th answer to your point is really simple

      Money, Konami don’t want to have to pay huge excessive useage right,s

      simple as that..

  27. Hey !
    The Game is REALY GOOD NOW, but i think need some improves :

    1. Add more informations in game like : Ball Possession, The number of correct passes, Running players, Team of the Match and lots of more……
    2. Add more licensed teams, league and Competitions ,,,, ADD BAYERN MUNCHEN AND BUNDESLIGA
    3. PLEASE IMPROVE COMMENTARY AND REPORTER : its repetitive and wrong, they are horrible. and you should be able to choose a commentator.
    Let us To CHANGE THE COMMENTATOR, Peter Drury and Jim Beglin??? over and over again??? change them with at least Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. AT LEAST TRY CHANGE THEM
    4. Update Add More features in Master League and Be Come a Legend , More things to do
    Like request amount of money to a player
    Make even more cutscenes, player of the months award, with player going to an interview with press.
    Players not getting enough playing times, board can sacking the manager when manager isn’t performing well.
    Make real press conference where we could boost players morale or mock other teams before a match
    MASTER LEAGUE – Make a really real youth team, with real names with the real club respectively.
    In Be come a Legend You can Do Your daily work life. like appearance in interview and conferences AND join your team party, trainings and lots of more………..
    and lot of things …
    5. The game menus is should improve, user interface(UI) should be more attractive and to ATTRACT PEOPLE PLAYING PES. If FIFA can do it, the KONAMI AND PES should do it.
    6. Add More game modes
    7. Make the game textures and colors better, Make pitch not look gray (More Colorful) Like 2012 and 2013
    8. More stadiums and More balls, We bored for many years! Playing in the same stadiums
    9. Add More Effects and Better animations, Like : Gliding, Handing, replays, Better net physics etc.
    Scoreboard interfaces please change! English Premier League, make it like EPL, BeInSports, do like their scoreboards. its 2018. make something EVOLUTION
    10. improve reefers and theire kits
    11. Add More tactics
    12. Make the fans more interactable with the game. (If it is a final, the fans should make you go deaf when you score last minute). Streakers, make fans act the same way thy act in their league games.
    Make the fans in the stadium realistic, the officials, the manager on sidelines, cameramens, ball boys or something. Create something more like EVOLUTIONING SOCCER 2018
    Make Fans Role The Game
    13. Stop making regular player faces and make it more realistic! its PES 2018 already.
    14. Make players spit, lots of mud on kits on rainy days.
    15.Players asking to get subbed of when injured.
    16. Make the sky change in time during game. (start at 12pm, very shiny, end at 2:30pm, less shiny)
    17. Add some more options on KIT EDITOR !
    18. Realistic player HAIRS AND TATTOOS
    19. PLEASE, no more team of PAS, PEU League or something . messing players life up.

    I think the game needs these improvements

    Long Live PES

    1. lol this is a good post and i’m sure that is the general idea however

      They have a certain budget and they have a certain period of time, so your going to be at least a little disappointed ..

      What do you think of my idea to create manager image profiles for every team in the edit mode, similar to creating a player, and then for those persona representations to be seen in actual games both during the game on the bench and even more so in tailored cut scenes…

    2. I think pes series is best series in football games. But there are somethings that are better fifa 17 than pes 2017 : Match view is realistic in fifa. Ronaldo, greezeman, hazard, etc… Are better looking in fifa. You got the FUT. Commentary. Techonolgy. And finally the journey. If pes 2018 fix these things. Then shut the fuck up and take my money.

  28. First of all, please release PES 2018 on Nintendo Switch. I will only buy a Nintendo Switch if it happens.

    Secondly, please include Bayern Munich back into the game. I want to play using my Xabi Alonsooo!!!

    Hopefully my wishes will come true. Thanks a lot in advance KONAMI Team! 🙂

  29. Hola soy Luis los sigo hace 11 años!! Desde pes 2007!! Este año espero cambio que mejoren pes!!! Como uruguayo y Sudaméricano espero que pongan la Liga Uruguaya y los tres principales estadios del Uruguay o un editor de estadios y el resto yo me encargo XD!!! Pes tiene que mejorar la manera de correr del jugador porque es muy robotizado!! También tienen que mejorar la Ser Leyenda y poner mas cinemáticas y comentarios sobre tu jugador!!! Que Myclub tenga un mercado de traspasos entre jugadores de pes!!! Que el club te reconozca como leyenda si jugas mucho tiempo en ese cuadro y ganas títulos!!! Que puedas crear ligas y que puedas crear un cuadro a la hora de jugar liga master y a su vez que puedas usar su patrocinador como logotipo!!! Y me gustaría que haya más guantes de golero

    Automatically Translated:
    Hi I’m Luis I follow 11 years ago !! Since pes 2007 !! This year I hope change will improve! As Uruguayan and South American I hope they put the Uruguayan League and the three main stadiums of Uruguay or an editor of stadiums and the rest I charge XD !!! Pes has to improve the way the player runs because it is very robotic !! They also have to improve the Being Legend and put more cinematic and comments on your player !!! Let Myclub have a market of transfers between players of pes !!! Let the club recognize you as a legend if you play a lot of time in that box and you win titles !!! You can create leagues and you can create a box when playing league master and in turn you can use your sponsor as a logo !!! And I wish there were more golfer gloves

  30. Please consider the the following gameplay improvements
    1.hand balls
    2.player ball recieving intelligence
    3.ball physics
    4.player heading mechanics
    5.player stutter when he loses posession
    6.refree intelligence
    7.transfer window

    The gameplay seems to be crowded and the is not enough space on the wings and the 18 yard box.The lofted through balls seems to be one way and the way players receive lofted balls is also the same. The shooting system is poor especially the fine shots .The strikers should be able to strike low driven shots from outside the box .The trajectory of curled shots needs alot of work.Freekicks has to be improved they should not only be curling around the wall but also over the wall.
    The ball feels too light you have to work on it.

  32. As a normal gamer, the media put this thought in my mind that Konami Entertainmet has lower financial capabilities than it’s competetor for licensing issue. So I say DO NOT focus your bodget on the licensing issue more than you do. Your licencing policy for those specific groups in order to gain fans is good for now.
    On the other hand, if there is the thought of not losing the fans, then focus most of your bodget on upgrading the gameplay. If you put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, gameplay will be divided into two parts:
    First part is the action, movements, fundamentals and general things which players have contact with all the time. You’re very good at this.
    Second part is the soul of the game (the details). It’s the part which players always see but barely notice or care because their too busy critisising the first part. Your competetor’s late game focus was on this, the part which you’re weak at because you think the first part is much more important to spend the bodget on. I’ll give you a reason to make you focus more on the second part. Search the social media and you’ll find milions of videos joking about your competetors awful bugs. That’s because they imported too much detail to make the more realistic forgeting to enhance them. But this means they draw the players attention from critisising the first part to the second so that it could ease their mind and calm them down.
    For example, it took too many generations till you add a simple vibrating function (for controllers) when the ball hits the net to add more excitement. The players don’t see such function as a necessary option or they don’t even feel it’s existence during time because their mind is focusing on the game itself. Your competetor added player movement during set pieses and out ball throwing for instance.
    I suggest adding functions like:
    More movement of corner flags
    People involvment in the on-going game (not cut-scens) like giving the outed ball to players by ball-boys or coaches
    Jimmy jumpers
    Telling the player that the game is about to do a do a substitution while the auto substitud option is on
    The commentator cutting the analyzer’s word when the situation suddenly changes
    Defender can actually pull the strikers shirt to slow him down
    and etc.
    Other than these, I have bad experience in passing system. I even changed the passing system in the options but there are sometimes that the game choses the wrong player to pass the ball to.
    I would like to see more facial emotions all the time even when I pause the game and go to replay mode. They’re sometimes like scarecrows, no emotions at all.

    1. nice post if a little confusing….Pes has always been more realistic than fifa, despite some frustrating flaws and problems…

  33. Import faces like pes 2009, classics players with real faces, classic teams and clubs like brazil 2002,inter 1998, simplest online game more like pes6, snow weather,gameplay like pes6,free kicks without rules like older pes series…

  34. Hello all;

    I would like to ask konami to work harder on licences because we the fans love to see our teams jerseys and our playgrounds. Pes 2017 was a real backward step for pes. You lost bayern munich and of course their fans didn’t buy the game for this. You lost also many fans from real madrid.

    The gameplay of pes 2017 was excellent and more realistic than previous versions. so I think you should work more on licences and make more improvements in the pes 2018 so the game gain its fans again.

  35. Though u guys are great but please improve de menus and make de master league like pes 13 masters league which was incredible.we will be glad if u add the journey to pes like how u did pes 13last more stadiums like FIFA 14

  36. Just won prem league with Liverpool,finally!!
    No trophy presentation tho,was very disappointed at that.Defiantly trophy presentation needs to be added,took a bit out of the game.

    1. lol i won the EPL for the first time in 6 seasons, last seaon, and it looks like i’m doing it this following season as well 5 pts clear with 8 games or so to go..

      Oh yeah with Liverpool….. YNWA

  37. Please we need you to have the real premier league with all the jerseys corrected…….and make become a legend look realistic like fifa 17 the journey….and master league too we need to really train the players not automatic training please..

  38. 1.Please try to include Bundesliga and at least 50 Stadium for comming in competition with FIFA….
    2.Please include Mohun Bagan AC and Bengaluru FC in AFC Cup.
    3.Please Include ISL and I-League.(Famous Indian Leagues)
    4.Please try to make ur game in such a way, so that we dont have to additionally download any patches…..
    That’s all, Thank You.

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