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PES 2018

Write your wishlist for PES 2018 here!

Write your ideas for the next Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in upcoming PES 2018 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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  1. As a normal gamer, the media put this thought in my mind that Konami Entertainmet has lower financial capabilities than it’s competetor for licensing issue. So I say DO NOT focus your bodget on the licensing issue more than you do. Your licencing policy for those specific groups in order to gain fans is good for now.
    On the other hand, if there is the thought of not losing the fans, then focus most of your bodget on upgrading the gameplay. If you put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, gameplay will be divided into two parts:
    First part is the action, movements, fundamentals and general things which players have contact with all the time. You’re very good at this.
    Second part is the soul of the game (the details). It’s the part which players always see but barely notice or care because their too busy critisising the first part. Your competetor’s late game focus was on this, the part which you’re weak at because you think the first part is much more important to spend the bodget on. I’ll give you a reason to make you focus more on the second part. Search the social media and you’ll find milions of videos joking about your competetors awful bugs. That’s because they imported too much detail to make the more realistic forgeting to enhance them. But this means they draw the players attention from critisising the first part to the second so that it could ease their mind and calm them down.
    For example, it took too many generations till you add a simple vibrating function (for controllers) when the ball hits the net to add more excitement. The players don’t see such function as a necessary option or they don’t even feel it’s existence during time because their mind is focusing on the game itself. Your competetor added player movement during set pieses and out ball throwing for instance.
    I suggest adding functions like:
    More movement of corner flags
    People involvment in the on-going game (not cut-scens) like giving the outed ball to players by ball-boys or coaches
    Jimmy jumpers
    Telling the player that the game is about to do a do a substitution while the auto substitud option is on
    The commentator cutting the analyzer’s word when the situation suddenly changes
    Defender can actually pull the strikers shirt to slow him down
    and etc.
    Other than these, I have bad experience in passing system. I even changed the passing system in the options but there are sometimes that the game choses the wrong player to pass the ball to.
    I would like to see more facial emotions all the time even when I pause the game and go to replay mode. They’re sometimes like scarecrows, no emotions at all.

  2. Import faces like pes 2009, classics players with real faces, classic teams and clubs like brazil 2002,inter 1998, simplest online game more like pes6, snow weather,gameplay like pes6,free kicks without rules like older pes series…

  3. Hello all;

    I would like to ask konami to work harder on licences because we the fans love to see our teams jerseys and our playgrounds. Pes 2017 was a real backward step for pes. You lost bayern munich and of course their fans didn’t buy the game for this. You lost also many fans from real madrid.

    The gameplay of pes 2017 was excellent and more realistic than previous versions. so I think you should work more on licences and make more improvements in the pes 2018 so the game gain its fans again.

  4. Though u guys are great but please improve de menus and make de master league like pes 13 masters league which was incredible.we will be glad if u add the journey to pes like how u did pes 13last more stadiums like FIFA 14

  5. Just won prem league with Liverpool,finally!!
    No trophy presentation tho,was very disappointed at that.Defiantly trophy presentation needs to be added,took a bit out of the game.

  6. Please we need you to have the real premier league with all the jerseys corrected…….and make become a legend look realistic like fifa 17 the journey….and master league too we need to really train the players not automatic training please..

  7. 1.Please try to include Bundesliga and at least 50 Stadium for comming in competition with FIFA….
    2.Please include Mohun Bagan AC and Bengaluru FC in AFC Cup.
    3.Please Include ISL and I-League.(Famous Indian Leagues)
    4.Please try to make ur game in such a way, so that we dont have to additionally download any patches…..
    That’s all, Thank You.

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