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PES 2018

Write your wishlist for PES 2018 here!

Write your ideas for the next Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in upcoming PES 2018 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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  1. – Remove FC Barcelona from cover and intro waiting screen. 75% of Spanish supporters are not of this team.
    – Promote Champions and Europa League logos in cover, one star player of every licenced team.
    – O include national star with national shirt in cover, for example Iniesta or Morata in Spain.
    – Include Bundesliga, US MSL and Mexican League
    – Improve camera when playing with goal keeper or remove the camera crane

    Thank you!

  2. Please Add:
    Bundesliga Structure League
    Turkey Structure League
    Belgium Structure League
    Portugal Structure League
    Add More Others Club Champions League
    Add More Other AFC Club
    Presentation News or Outlet ( Master League)
    Add NEW National Team exp: Iceland,Albania, and etc
    Add NEW U21 League or U17
    Add some development young player all club or country
    Separate Manager Club and National Team Job
    Thank You

  3. Please add to game Russian language and coments.

    please add to game national teams of Ukraine and Russia with real names !! ..and FC Shakhtar (Donetsk)Ukraine.)

  4. can you pls licensied maroccan league and the master league can it be more difucult have a lot options and do morocco whit her real player

  5. I hope there is Indonesian league in pes 2018 and its face exactly the same. From the stands in the audiences that added flags, there are singers of Indonesian league supporters. And lastly hopefully the computer spec is not too big

  6. I hope ability for keeper should be more great than pes 2016 , and i hope indonesian league will be licensed by pes 2018 , because the biggest fans of pro evolution soccer is indonesia , i hope indonesian league will be added in pes 2018, thats it .

  7. Penalty kick movement. GK movement is lame. Goal celebration, trophy winning ceremony and the other moment celebration are never change since PES2014.

  8. More English leagues (EFL League 1 and 2) even it is isn’t licensed teams, just add the teams with fake names like they have with others. The only reason I buy FIFA instead of PES is so I can play as my home team who are is EFL League 2 in career mode and I think many other people share the same view.

    1. I hope that malaysian league in the pes 2018,we love to see malaysian league in pes 2018….add asian league in pes 2018….malaysian league in Pes 2018

    1. Hi I’m Jamie and I will Be Happy For The Chinese Super League be in the FIFA and PES as well as And I also Like to have The Other Best Teams in PES

  9. 1-realistic body movement when passing,crossing and shooting the ball..
    2-greater variety of skills
    3- more room for error like handballs n miskicked balls n clearances n goalie errors
    4-revamp master league n bal.
    5-revamp free kiks n penalties
    6-overhaul post match rating system n add personal stats like pass accuracy percentage for each player n total nmba of passes per team n chances created..
    7-WTH did training kits go to??
    8-head stats Modification should be reinstated

    N pls remove d nmba 1 free kick body motion , its horrible..

    All player accessories like full wrist and knuckle bandage n the rest n freedom of color choice should be allowed for all especially the ankle bandage

  10. 1. In master league, there could be a choice, the same way there is for favorite player, but for captain, at start of the season after summer transfers you could choose your season first, second, and third captain. When you take off your first captain from the field, and the second or third choose captain plays, he could automatic get the armband.

    2. After hard tackle there could be provocation or “player gets angry” button :), for example you push a button for few seconds after the tackle and then the player who is near or being tackled starts behaving somehow (badly :D).

    3. More injuries and long-lasting so we can use more reserve players 🙂

    LoVe the game! THANKS!

  11. add other team scores on screen as you play in master league and also be able to view other team scores at half time so you havent to wait till the end to find out..on screen goal flashes would be great..
    a broadcast camera without the awkward off putting cut scenes..
    realistic fans fifa like

  12. Create a 3rd liga, sonyou have to promote twice to be in top league. Italia lega pro or English second div

  13. 1. Regen players as an alternative in Master League, (at options before you start your master league) ON/OFF choosing.
    2. Realistic retriment ages (36-40).
    3. Scandinavian football league, Eliteserien (norway) would be very awesome :).
    4. In master league you should get fired if you play bad, and loose/gain fans depends how you play.
    5. more dramatic and good vibes from chanting and last minute dramas.
    6. In master league there could be more pictures or videos in the “news” from fans and other games, etc.

    LOVE the game, best one ever! PES 17 was/is awesome, and PES 18 will be spectacular!!!

  14. please let us choose the time of the day and weather conditions..
    The teams in the Game are not enough.. we want more leagues and more players..

  15. I really wish they add something to pes 18 thats like proclubs in fifa, where one could play any / 1 position and make a team and go up in divisions etc… that would make loads of my friends swap from fifa to pes konami. Please! Cheerd

  16. 1. Please add some scene of player get mad, not satisfied or want to fight when get fouled due to hard tackle by other players or red card situation.

    2. Please add these to the game on rainy days:
    – the rain can stop at the middle of the game, cause up until now when it rain, the rain does not stop until the game end.
    – on rainy game, made it a little bit windy so it will become a little bit hard to shoot on target and the goalkeeper might miss the chance to catch the ball due to sudden change of the ball direction.
    – made the effect so player will slip if they are running too fast on the wet field due to rain.

    3. Please add more Asian League. It is so that in Become A Legend, player can transfer from Europe League to Asian League or another way.

    4. Please change the arrow marker for aiming for freekick, penalty or corner cause marker for PES 2016 is better than PES 2017.

  17. We would like to see african teams according to the ranking. Like the DRCongo team which has been doing so good lately. Or make more african team that would participate to the world cup section through qualification group stage. And we also need more african soccer clubs like Tpmazembe, Esperance de Tunis or Setif, teams that are doing good.

  18. I’d really like to see more licenced leagues, teams, stadiums and players, like the Bundislega1 and 2, Serie A and B, that’s all! That’s needed!!

  19. In become a legend it would be good if you had lots of transfer offers from big clubs to choose from as my player as scored about 30 goals a season and not received any offers the last couple of seasons even know his rating is at 100

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