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PES 2018

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Write your ideas for the next Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in upcoming PES 2018 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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  1. there’s quite a lot of things though the main core of the game is great..

    But for me 2 improvements to the local (offline) football life master league

    Make it Multiplayer

    Allow player to edit player names, or make a name generatior,
    at the moment there are no other names for youth players other than ones already at clubs unless you allow legends, and even more frustrating when players retire they respawn at age 16 at the SAME club, I mean that’s just poor, and Konami can do better..

  2. Add more options to master league.
    Make the master league more realistic like when do not perform well ur sack as a manager.
    Players can tell u if they r not getting minutes.

  3. My suggestion is that I don’t complain about the way the game is created. In fact the reality and PES are much close interms of gameplay.

    What I would like to see is Konami putting more than 20 leagues in the game. Like the likes of Egyptian league, Algerian, South African, Nigerian, Zimbabwe, morroco, libya and other. That will worry FIFA because it is something they haven’t done yet. Imagine having 21 African leagues with real character names. And stadiums as well as real African commentators.

  4. Either have better licensing or the option to update the teams through shared patches.
    Another way would be to reinstate the create logo feature as it was a long process but on 2016 it allowed me to create every prem teams correct emblem and logos

  5. 1)More game modes
    2)More skills
    3)More tactics
    4)More stadiums
    5)More balls
    6)More cut scenes
    7)More things to do in master league

  6. Your comments … restricting. skill moves to the right analog and the game should be more realistic than it already is like player emotions after scoring and a wider range of skill moves

  7. 1. El editor de estadios y zapatos que regresen ambos
    2. Al jugar en máster con un equipo inferior tener la posibilidad de ir mejorando el estadio, recibir mejores patrocinadores etc como una gestión de verdad
    3. Mas ligas aunque sean ficticias y la posibilidad de editarlas
    4. Que en el modo myclub primero no me gusto el cambio de que ahora a fuerzas si te toca un agente no puede salir de cualquier nivel, sino sólo de los de la cantidad de estrellas, y si continúan así; por lo menos que al salir un color en especifico de balón den la oportunidad de escoger al jugador q se adapte a nuestro esquema, no el q la maquina nos quiera asignar
    5. Que las leyendas sean mas accesibles para conseguir y no estén mezcladas con los jugadores normales

  8. my own idea for pes 2018 is the game should be more realistic like a story you control the players for example after a match you have full control of a player .you take him home,exercise,eats,go for outings,drive him to train.

  9. My sugestion for pes 18 is d@ we,hav youth teams in the various clubs i think they can work from there to look more lyk de journey and from my view, this new idea can be in this form.
    1. creating your own player as it is done in become a legend in the street life playing in the street, this small post street football
    3.Getting the help from a scout due to your performance
    4.challenges in the new environment
    5.This mode should have a different gameplay from the adult way of playing football

  10. 1.Techfit kits style in edit mode
    2. Make shirt and short to look more realistic.
    3. Increase camera angle values from 10 to 100 and make it available for live broadcast cam too, since ps2 we have the same broadcast cam

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